KEDU C2 Level


The first time I saw the word self-awareness I didn’t know what it really meant or what it actually is. After I searched on google and youtube and saw some videos, I learned that self-awareness is the ability that people feel confident with themselves. The important thing with that is that you can manage your thoughts, emotions, and fears than allowing them to control you. Also, another important thing about self-awareness is the improvement of our emotions and actions in a state of being better.

Food; it tastes good but feels even better

Food along with being a major key to humanity’s survival, it is also a huge part of its culture. A thousand years of elegant cuisine and aromatic spices to recipes passed down from generation to generation have proven that exact point. However, it is not entirely about culture, but about bringing people together. Arizona State University associate professor of psychology, Frank Infurna, said that food brings people together.

I believe that I can prove that point with a story taken from my personal life. My family has lots of different routes and all sorts of cultural traditions. Having entirely individual personalities and interests, it is difficult for us to interact in a true family-like way. However, when we are sitting around the table with warm homemade rich food on, we realise how fortunate we are to have each other to share our meals and lives with, despite our differences.

In the same way, a young couple can talk about their problems over a plate of Italian cuisine or a group of friends can gather together for a barbeque, even two colleagues can discuss ways to make their business better while dining. Eating is almost always associated in gatherings, whether formal or informal, bringing the joy of tasting to the simplicity of everyday life. In addition, cooking brings people together in preparing their meal, comparing recipes and interacting with each other. Food can bring a sense of belonging, whether it’s among friends, colleagues, family members, acquaintances. Even if you are cooking or eating, it gives you the same feeling, as long as you are not enjoying it alone.

All things considered, food is not just about taste, but also about meaningful relationships and interactions between people. As far as I’m concerned even the worst enemies can connect through food.


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Self-awareness is a really complicated issue to be explained. Generally, it is a skill which many may have to evaluate advantages and disadvantages about themselves. However, some people believe it as an ability to control our inner world and others as the difference between how we see ourselves and how other people see it. For instance, it has concluded how clear we can understand our values, our passions, our goals, our reactions, our thoughts, our feelings, and our impact on others. On the contrary, it is negatively connected with anxiety, stress, and depression.

Also, there are ways in which self-awareness can be improved. Take the example of meditation. It is an exercise that helps to be more aware of the inner world of thoughts. Another way is by asking a friend. A close friend sometimes knows our personality better than us because we take it for granted, and especially, he will present our defects. This can sometimes reveal specific patterns in ourselves that are easier to see from the outside. Friends are especially good at evaluating our extroversion.


Can we ever fully know ourselves? This question is difficult to answer. We are all complex beings and it is impossible to fully know ourselves. However is worthwhile just to try to discover a part of yourself each day.

“Traditional teaching and online teaching method”

I am in faver of both methods of learning and you can learn from both ways but I prefer traditional method.

First of all, I think is better method because you are face to face with your teacher. Secondly, you can change opinions with others in the class something that is important. Also you concentrate better when you are in class and keep your mind on the lesson.

Similarly online learning method is very helpful and easy because sometimes that you can’t go to your lesson you can connect from a application and you don’t have to lose your lesson. Beyond that, a dissadvantage of this method is that you can disconnect easily from the application or something else if you have problems with your internet.

However, the two options are interesting and helpful in some situations.

What’s your communication style?

Success in all areas of life depends substantially on our communication skills. Being aware of how you and others communicate and adjusting your communication style accordingly leads to effective communication. So they are four styles called analytical, expressive, amiable and driver. In analytical communication style we usually classify people who their main characteristics are that they are fact-orientated, data-driven, methodical and perfectionist. People are in expressive communication style when they are idea-originated, spontaneous, visionary and impulsive. Also in amiable communication style are people who are relationship-orientated, diplomatic, empathetic and submissive. Lastly we have the driver communication style in which we enlist people who are results-orientated, risk-taking, decisive & forthright and dominating. So I can find myself in three of these styles. In analytical because always I have to be perfect and justify my words with real facts. Also I believe that I belong to expressive communication style because I must say that most of the times I am a very visionary and idea-orientated person. At the end, people who are more sensitive that the others like I am appertain in amiable communication style. After all, who are we without knowing our communication style and then our character?

Formal letter

Dear Sir, Madam

I am writing in order to inform you that due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend the interview. I unfortunately had a car accident on my way to your office. Now that I said that, I would like to reschedule the interview so I can personally apologize as I just realized that this opportunity is valuable as your time. I can’t apologize enough for any inconvenience that I caused.

Once again, I am truly sorry, and thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Now that I said that, I hope this unfortunate incident will not negatively impact your hiring decision. As my qualifications were high enough worthiness for the board to recommend a second interview, I hope you will allow me the chance to make your acquaintance and justify their recommendation. If it is not possible to rearrange the meeting, I completely understand, and I hope this occurrence will not reflect negatively on me for any future openings that will accrue.

Please accept my sincere apologies for being unable to attend my follow-up interview with you yesterday morning for the Office Manager position at Water Price Industries. I hope I have been of some assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Dorothy Koumara

My second lockdown (until now)

Oh, here we go again! Quarantine no2 and I am already bored staying inside and doing online lessons all day! In my opinion, I think that this lockdown will be more tiring and difficult for everyone because we have more strikes of this virus and we probably we will stay more time inside. But never mind! We have to be positive and to wear masks! I have already made a list of things that I want to do at quarantine and I put and some targets too! The first thing that I want to do is to spend more time with my family and to tidy my messy room! Also, I would like to try to study and talk more English for my proficiency exams! Furthermore, now who I have plenty of time, I would like to read some books and to draw. So yes, sometimes you have to see some things from their other side, like quarantine. It may be boring and tiring, but it has a number of things that you can do and to have a lot of fun.

Technology in the workplace

Dear Sir/Madam
After reading your article about technological skills at workplace, I would like to tell you about my personal opinion on that subject and how technology has an impact in the workplace.
Personally, I do not have a lot of experience with technology, but I do know the basics. Although I do not have a lot of high tech experience, I can not imagine living a day without any technology, because I spend most of my free time interacting with my friends through texting or watching videos. Why is technology so important though?
Technology has become a huge part of our lives. Most of the devices and machines that are used nowadays include technology. That being the case technology is required and needed in our everyday lives.
Also bussinesses these days show great reliability on technology, And that is because bussinesses that use more high-tech devices have shown a major growth unlike bussinesses that use out of date technology or no technology at all. Costumers choose these types of bussinesses because it is easier to find we are looking for and also the purchase is way easier.
In cunclusion, in the conteporary era, a workplace requires high-tech devices and to find a job we need to have experience on using technology.


We are in quarantine many days now for the second time and this thing affects our lives.

To be honest, I would say that I really liked quarantine but if you are kinda unstable it isn’t really good. My parents don’t agree with me saying that I like quarantine because it has affected me and I have done things now in quarantine that made them feel very scared.

It is true that everything has changed now. We don’t go outside not even for school We have to do everything on the computer. Also, we become very anti-social; they say that when we finish with all that we are going to scream when someone “dares” to come near us. I know that many people feel very annoyed because they lost everything they did.

Anyway, quarantine affects everyone differently, and some feel good and they like it and some they just hate the whole thing. But that is our life for now and we have to accept it.


Different styles of learning

Nowdays,the whole world must be in qurantine because of a deadly virus called Covid-19. So students have to learn fron home with the help of online courses. But what are the pros and cons of each method of learning, online and tradicional teaching method?
Firsly,with tradicional teaching method the students have face to face interactions which most of the times is more effective, structed and enhances the meaning of teamwork. Also with this method students have a scheduled routine so they can be in task.
On the other hand, online learning makes the pupils independently study courses materials. It also contributes to class discussions as they can easily exchange ideas in front of the window. Also they have more assigments which offer flexibility in their daily programme.
So to my point of view online teacing is as effective as tradicional teaching method but I prefer to have face to face interactions. So as the author Brian Herbert once said : ” The capacity to learn is a gift ; the ability to learn is a skill ; the willingness to learn is a choice ”.

Halloween Definition

Halloween is the night of the 31st of October and is traditionally said to be the time when ghosts and witches can be seen. On Halloween, children often dress up as ghosts and witches to scare people.

the spooky story

It was a dark, chilly night. The full moon was out and I decided to go for a walk. It looked like it was about to rain so I quickly grabbed an umbrella and left. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go so I just
started walking until I saw a very big and spooky mansion which has abandoned. The only thing that remained were ruins. Curiosity took hold of me and I couldn’t help going into that mansion. When I went through what was left of the door, the atmosphere was spooky. I felt chills run up and down my spine. Suddenly I heard a blood curling scream. I didn’t know what to do, so I started running in the opposite direction, and because I couldn’t find the door, I jumped through the nearest window. I still don’t know what that sound was, but ill never forget it…