KEDU B2 Level

Our crazy holiday

Last summer we went to Australia with friends. As we were driving to the village we got a flat tyre, it took us 4 hours to fix it a minute before we missed our flight
At first she wanted to get a bus to the hotel. The hotel wasn’t as it described in the brochure and the room was cramped and dirty but it had a great view. I found it difficult to sleep in the cramped hotel room because it was so small in the restaurant of the hotel ate spaghetti made me get food poisoning. Tomorrow we went to the beach we wear sunscreen or else we could get sunburnt. Stefani is a thrill-seeker who loves extreme sports like bungee jumping. My holidays was disastrous because the area I was staying in was hit by a hurricane. The experience was very cool and it has a lot of adventure.

Afrodite Liakatelli

Photo by Praveen Gupta on Unsplash

A bad holiday story

Five years ago we decided to spend our holidays in Paros. Well, it didn’t go as expected. It is a big story I’m going to tell you right now.
To start good, we missed our ship, because, our car broke down. So we decided to buy another ticket for tomorrow. Somehow, this went good and after two days we arrived at Paros. We got our luggage and we head for our hotel room. Then we made our self’s home and then got some sleep.
We thought that everything was fine, but, NO! Our luggage was lost and we take the wrong one. And, like that wasn’t enough, inside there we had our credit card. After we dressed with the clothes that were in “our” luggage, we went to buy some cheap swimwear and stuff to relax within the sun. BUT, my brother sat to the sun too much and got sunburnt, while, I was in the taverna getting chicken souvlakia, that caused me food poisoning. Great, my brother and I were sick and we lost all of our crappy holidays in our room.
Our holidays were too bad, so we decided to return home. But the weather was terrible the day of our ship and everything was delayed. Anyway, after our traumatic experience, we finally got back to our happy home. That’s all. byeeee.

Magda Frantzi

Music life

Hi im Magda,
In my free time I play music.. Not one but, 3 instruments and if i dont play to music I listen to music:)
Magda rules