KEDU B2 Level


Last summer, my family and I decided to visit Michalis’ donkey farm in Molyvos. Mr Michalis is a friend of my grandfather and a regular client at my uncle’s café. So he invited us to visit his farm where some lovely donkeys live. He and his team use to organize some donkey tracks, into the mountains, among the beautiful nature of Lesvos. Also .along the coast by the amazing sunset.

We arrived early in the morning. The little donkeys were energetic and spry. Everyone had their own name. So we met Clara, Annabel and Poppy. Poppy was my sister favourite. We offered them some carrots we had bought the last day for them.

After that, we started a ride along some hidden trails that our friend Michalis knew very well. It was a beautiful experience, so peaceful and relaxable we had a lot of fun and we took many photos.

At the end of the day, we enjoyed a barbeque by the coasts, as the sun was setting over the horizon.


    • A Musical is a type of theater that includes songs, dialogues (prose) and dance. It is a way of telling a story and
      expressing its emotional content, ie humor, passion, love, anger and much more.
      There are many musicals that get their idea from works or cartoons.
    • Musicals have become famous mainly from the big theaters and the high budgets of the West End of London and Broadway of New York.
    •  In recent years, the art of musicals has begun to become increasingly popular in Greece. More and more Greek artists choose to deal with this genre. In fact, a Musical is a fairly familiar art form for Greeks, as it was the most popular film genre in Greece in the ’60s.
    • So I started this kind of theater when I was 7 years old. My teacher was Sia Koskina. She had studied in London for three years and was awarded a scholarship to the Urdang Academy of Performing Arts in the West End, with dance, song and acting lessons. She graduated with a degree in Musical Theater and much more, such as giving her voice to the character Barbie for many years. In 2010 she directed the first professional school of musical theater in Greece “School Of Professional Musical Theater Performance”, where she teaches with the established teaching method “P.M.T.P. method by Sia Koskina”. I had also studied at this school for over 4 years.
    • Thanks to this woman and a contest I managed to do my first dubbing in the Disney series (Elena of Avalor)
      Every year we organized a play with the musical group in well-known theaters in Athens.
    • I miss all this because there is no music school here. But I have promised that as soon as I grow up and go to Athens to study, I will finish my studies in music!

My Favourite Singer

  • Shawn Peter Raul Mendes, born in Pickering, Toronto.

            He is a Canadian singer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

      He started his career in 2013, when he started publishing cover songs on Vine and YouTube. It did not take long for him to become known to the world. He knows how to play the piano, keyboards and guitar since he was a child.

         So far he has done five tours. 3 of them were WORLD. He has won 44 awards so far.

       Shawn Mendes himself has said the following:”I want to create hymns for people. I want to create hymns for the great moments of their lives. I do not want to play music for a few months and then get lost forever. Not only that, I want to do incredible things that make a difference. I think it’s not just about the music you represent, it’s the things you do when you make music”.

My favorite Shawn Mendes songs are: Stitches, Mercy, Youth, Treat You Better and his new: Wonder.I admire him very much and I would love to see him up close at some point!!!

I was really shocked when I saw a man following me on the road

I was walking on the road. A man was following me. I was scared I started running away, I caught my breath. I escaped and then I collapsed because I felt embarrassed. There was a doctor there and he asks me what happened. I told to him the story and that I was really scared so much where I couldn’t breathless. It was deafening. I started walking to my house and outside was extremely clod so I called a taxi and he took me home. I will never forget this day.

The lost camera

Ken looked at his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. Our gate for the plane had just opened. My mum and I started to panic because we couldn’t miss our flight and I couldn’t leave my brother behind too, luckily dad was there to calm us. He was the only person that was calm in this situation.

When we calmed down a little, mum told Ken that he could stay at the airport’s hotel for the night and wait for tomorrow’s flight. And the rest of the day before the flight could go look for his camera.

While we were on the plane Ken was in the city. He searched everywhere, even at the cafe that we had stopped for some minutes. At the cafe, he asked the ice-cream seller if he had seen a black camera. Well, the ice-cream seller remembered that a waiter had told him that while he was cleaning a table he found a black big camera on table 20.

The next morning Ken was walking in the airport waiting for the time to pass so that he could go to his gate. While he was walking he heard an employee of the airport that his flight was cancelled because of the bad weather. He got really mad and annoyed so he went back home and didn’t come with us to London.


Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He was wandering around the zoo, in front of the cage of the lions. He wanted to take some photos of the lions when he realized that his camera was missing. He began to panic because it was a new camera and it was quite expensive.

Ken started looking for his camera everywhere in his backpack, in every pocket. Certainly, he had had his camera earlier when he took some photos of the snakes and the big tiger. Unfortunately, the camera was nowhere to be found. He tried to remember the last time he had it. Then he thought, that maybe he had lost it when he stopped to get some ice cream.

Ken rushed to find the ice cream seller immediately. He remembered that the ice-cream seller was outside of the café, near the penguins. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the same place, the ice cream seller had left and he didn’t manage to find him. Ken was miserable. Now he had to go around the zoo, looking for the ice-cream seller.

But while Ken seemed desperate a young man came out of the café and asked him if he was looking for a lost camera. He explained that the ice cream seller had found the camera and had left it to him. He was wondering how the café owner knew that the camera was his. The young man smiled and said that he had seen the photos on the camera. Ken felt truly grateful and he was now happy to continue his walk in the zoo.

Malibu Rescue

Malibu Rescue is an American comedy series and the first episode dates May 13, 2019. Tyler’s father punishes him by sending him to the Malibu Junior Rescue Program. At first, he thought he would spend a carefree summer on the beach but in the end, his perception was wrong. There Tyler meets a group of children from the valley. Together, the group wants to prove that it is worthwhile to participate in the program along with all the other kids from Malibu. Thus begins a series of challenges that will bring the team closer. This series is amazing. It has unpredictable funny scenes. I recommend you to watch it…You really had fun watching the movie! I love this series!!!


My trip

It was summer and I was very young but I remember this trip very well.We went by ship to Athens wth my mum.There we got the bus and in the morning we arrived in Albania .

Ater a few days I went to my aunt.When she saw me she was very surprised.We ate lunch and slept because we were very tired.When I woke up I played with my toys and we ate dinner.After I watched cartoons on TV and went to sleep .

Next morning I went with my aunt and I saw she had bought a donkey for me . I hugged her and she helped me get on the donkey . I liked it very much. In the afternoon after lunch we went with my mum, my aunt, and my cousins to a cafe.I drank a cold drink because it was a hoy summer.

I stayed at my aunt’s village two other days and I came back to Greece.I felt both sad and happy. I felt sad because I will see her next year and happy because we stayed together ,played together and slept together. I love my aunt so much!

The Queen’s Gambit

“The Queen’s Gambit” takes us to the America of the 50s and 60s
There, a nine-year-old girl, Beth, is taken to a girls’ orphanage in Kentucky after her mother died in a car accident. But little Beth will discover a life-changing basement.
There, the orphanage’s caretaker, Mr. Seibel, has his office. In the middle of the office there is a small table with a chessboard, something that arouses Beth’s interest.Immediately, she will be enchanted by this game called chess and Mr. Seibel will teach her how to play.

Beth’s great talent in chess will begin to unfold over the years, but she also has to face a great enemy: her addiction to pills and alcohol.

         There will be no second season for “The Queen’s Gambit” and that’s good. It is a limited series of seven episodes that ends in seven hours. The most beautiful seven-hour TV checkmate of recent years.

          “The Queen’s Gambit” is a drama with many virtues, definitely among the 5 best Netflix series for 2020.

!!! I love this series!!!

Did you see Ken’s camera?

       Κen looked in his backpack to find his camera,but is wasn’t there!.That afternoon we were walking down the street and wanted to take pictures of a very nice painted wall.Ken saw that the kamera was missing from his back and we both paniced

Ken thought he might have left it at the cafe he had gone to for a coffee in the morning before we met.Maybe he had left it on the table when he was deleting some pics.

We quickly ran to the cafe,but the camera was nowhere!Then he said that the camera could not be anywhere else but at the ice cream shop near my house that we sat when we met.As soon as we arrived we went to the shop owner and asked about the camera.He looked in a box with lost customer items and gave us Ken’s camera.

“It is the only camera in the box that will be yours” He said politely.We both felf happier than ever.We thanked him and went back to the wall to take pictures for Ken’s album


Christmas Is Coming!!!

Christmas is the annual Christian feast of the birth of Christ.
A very important custom in the Christmas holidays is the exchange of gifts. Especially for children, the Christmas season is the time when they receive a significant number of gifts from their parents and relatives, but also in many countries from Santa Claus.
Important customs in the Christmas festivities are considered to be the Christmas carols, the New Year carols and the carols of Lights that are usually sung by small children.

Main customs in the decoration are the decoration of the Christmas tree, the depiction of the Nativity scene, the Star of Bethlehem, the Christmas boat, the decoration of the Christmas lights and the Christmas calendar.                                                                                                                                                                         Ιn Greece the first Christmas tree was decorated in the royal palaces when Otto was king.

During the Christmas period in Greece, special foods and sweets are prepared, such as turkey, Christmas bread, royal pie, melomakarona, kourabiedes, etc. that complete the traditional Christmas table.

In the Orthodox Church, Christmas is preceded by a 40-day fast, the Lent of Christmas, which is less strict than Easter.

As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew something was wrong…

As soon as Peter reached the hotel, he knew that something was wrong. Peter looked in his backpack to find his passport, but it wasn’t there! He arrived in London that morning and he tried to check in to his hotel. The receptionist asked for his passport. Seeing it was missing he started to panic.
Peter searched for his backpack pockets. Certainly, he had, had it at the airport that morning as he went through passport control. Maybe he lost it when he was having breakfast with his friends at that cosy cafe down the street with the huge and colourful stand which was full of all the newspaper sellers and everyday magazines .” I’ll be back in a couple of minutes ” said to the receptionist.
Peter ran down the street to the cafe. Unfortunately, there was no sign of his passport. Then he reminded me that he changed some traveller’s cheques earlier that morning. Running on down to the bank he breathlessly made his way straight to the cashier. Before Peter could say a single word, he reached inside a drawer and handed his passport for him.
” You forgot to take it with you” he said with a big smile. Peter couldn’t believe his luck. He felt really grateful to the young man for saving him from this terrible disaster!