KEDU B2 Level

A Halloween Story

So you know everyone thinks that Halloween and the whole thing is just for kids having fun and stuff. That’s what I thought too until this Halloween-. So this Halloween was pretty different because of the covid-19 and i couldn’t go for trick or treat with my friends this year. So i decided to call some of my best friends and watch horror movies and stuff. We would have a sleepover and it would be fun. But something really weird happened! We watched a movie and then we decided to try the tik tok trend “Take This Lollipop “. A lot of people that did this said that weird tgings happend to them after doing this. So we did it to see what is going to. During this lights started flickering and blinking we got that scared that after this we decided to sleep together. THE END

About Homelessness problem.

Many people from all over the world have the well-known problem of “HOMELESSNESS”. The problem of homelessness is a very unpleasant situation for a person, having a home is one of the most necessary things that a person wants.
To solve this important problem, I suggest that the state do whatever it takes to increase business and jobs at the same time. As a result, the homeless can provide the basics.
An equally effective solution to this important problem is to set up a fundraiser to help homeless people in need of housing.
And the last suggested solution that can have a good result is to create asylums to accommodate these people until they are younger.

  • BY NICK !!! 

“At any age you can design and dream. Nothing is impossible, as long as you believe it!!!” :Dimitris Chronis

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re well! Today I would like to talk to you about somebody that I consider as a legend in the sector of athletics but above all in the sector of life: Sir Dimtirs Chronis. These last months our everyday lives have changed. This year we learnt how precious is our life and how to protect it. All we want is, after all, a thought and a decision away. Every obstacle is overcome, every moment is the right one to take the next step, the limitations are often creations of our mind. And that is all that a true story teaches us – a story that proves that life is ahead. I’m refering to the strory of Dimitris Chronis who was a fanatical smoker until he was 47 years old. After a lot of problems that he had because of the cigarette, he had to go to the hospital. There a doctor advised him to quit smoking, and that’s exactly what he did. And exept of that he decided to go to the gym and there he realized the real meaning of life. He started running and in 2002 he ran his first race at the age of 51 years old. From that time he has participated in over 200 marathons all around the world. He participated in a race here in Greece ,which organized very year, called “Spartathlon”  three times:2017 at the age of 66 years old, 2018 at the age of 67 yeaars old, 2019 at the age of 68 years old. Unfortunately, he didin’t manage to finish the “Spartathlon” in 2018. Recently, he starred in a spot of the company”NN hellas” showing us his everyday life and generally telling us the real meaning of life via athletics. This video is very touching because it shows us the story of a man who was obese at first and then he took a radical decision: to start running and quit smoking. Sir Dimitris Chronis is the best instance for everyone and especially those who smoke!!!

This is the link for the spot in which he starred! :



Solution to the problem of homeless

Homelessness is a widespread issue and problem in our days. As instead of decreasing, that increases more and more. This must stop here! Don’t you agree? If we do an effort, we can reduce the number of those people.

One way of solving the problem is to donate money to charities. For instance, the funds used to open more homeless shelters. As a result, homeless people will have a safe and caring place to go.

Secondly, we can help by offering hospital but and generally care. To give an example, making groups of volunteer doctors and entertainers. Consequently, those people will have better

mental and physical health. Because this situation has also a negative effect on their soul.

Lastly, to deal with clothing in. For example, we can collect our clothes and giving them to each homeless people we find in our away or to a homeless shelter. Byt don’t forget doing it in a discreet way. We don’t want to make them feel embarrassed. By doing this,  we will make those people feel better, as they will have warm and clean clothes.

To sum up, everyone must do an effort to help this situation. Each act counts. And I hope that in this way more people will have a better life soon.

The donkey and the café

It was a sunny day when I was walking with my friend along the Seine River looking for a café while we were on holiday in Paris.

After a while we went and sat in a wonderful café in Paris. While we were ordering, to try the traditional french breakfast, croissant and crepes, we heard a strange noise, like a donkey. But where would to find a donkey in France and specifically in the center of Paris. So we continued to eat our breakfast undisturbed, but the noisy was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly from the depths of the road, a donkey appeared, running very fast towards us, as if someone was chasing it. Terrified we looked at the animal getting closer and closer to us. Luckily the donkey overtook us but entered the café and hit the waiters, broke the tables and caused a lot of damages.

We were very lucky that the donkey didn’t hit us but unfortunately for the owner of the café, that the animal was like a bull in a Chine store. This experience was so unpredictable that I will remember it forever.

The meeting with a donkey!!!

                I was walking down an alley in my neighborhood to go to my friends hangout in a cafe.

          As I was walking I heard a voice,I did not pay attention, but the voice became louder.It was not human voice , I had something in mind, but I went without speaking.

When suddenly I saw a donkey.It was tied to a tree.I went to a nearby mini market to get carrots to feed him.It was very good to me.

I was very happy to have such an experience. I told my friends and they did not believe me. I was very happy to have such an experience. I told my friends and they did not believe me. Luckily I had taken a photo of it and showed them. They went crazy! .Me too!.

I really liked the donkey!


Why weekends should be longer.

         Weekends are two days (Saturday and Sunday) that we should relax and forget everything, the children do (their lessons) and the adults do(their paperwork).

         In reality, however, on the Weekends the children do all their studying to be ready for Monday, and the adults do their paperwork to be ready as well, resulting in a lot of suffering. So the  Weekends are like the rest of the week.Τo set things straight we will definitely find a little more time to do some activity but it will be a maximum of two hours a day.

          So Weekends are nothing special…

         If I could, I would put in an extra day, which I would just call “Relaxed”.It would be a day when we would sit down and do a lot of things (excursions, parties, walks and much more)with this day we would definitely see everything in our lives very nicely and there would be no whining and anger …..You never know what might happen … I will always hope for that

                   For this, as soon as you have free time, spend it creatively,with your loved ones ♥.

I don’t like donkeys any more!

Last Saturday, I was walking around the narrow streets of my village, Agiasos, with my family. After a lot of hours of walking, we decided to go to a café. I was very excited becaue I had just bought a backpack with a picture of some melt chocolate on it! So, as I was ordering the waiter to bring me a cup of hot tea, I saw a donkey walking and I wanted to pet it, so I went near it. 

As I was petting it, its eyes shone brightly all of a sudden. It started running because it wanted to catch me but I didn’t know the reason. I was very frightened of the donkey because it seemed determined about what he was doing an I thought that it wanted to kill me so I had to run fast. But I couldn’t do that because I was exhausted from the walking before. I had to think of where to go while my parents were shouting to me something but I couldn’t hear them beause of my anxiety.

I was jumping from table to table to get away but finally I slipped and broke my leg. But how could I know that the donkey thought that the picture on my backpack was real and he craved the chocolate!

Fortunately, now I am ok but I have ended up to one conclusion: I don’t like donkeys any more!!!


Dear friend

Dear Mary,

How are you? I am fine. How are the lessons going? Have you made new friends? Are you coping with your homework? I have made new friends. Their names are Myrto, Christine, Phillipia, Hara, Marilena and Niki. We have a great time together.

Our school isn’t so big. It has two floors. On the first floor are the classrooms of the first grade of high school, the canteen, the computer room and the boy’s bathrooms. On the second floor are the classes of the second and the third grade of high school, the girl’s bathrooms and the teachers staff room. There is a small kitchen too for them. At the back of the school is a football pitch and a basketball court.

My class is small. We are 20 students and we sit next to another student. We have a green board. Also, my class has five windows and some posters on the wall.

I think that I am doing well at school this year and I hope to get high grades. What about your school? Are there many students in your class?

Write back soon,


First day at high school

My first day at my new school was very good. I made some new friends and saw my new teachers.

At school I went early in the morning. The teachers showed us where our class was. We went to our class and sat at ours seats. Then, they started to hand out our new books and asked us oir names. In the class we are 20 students. The boys are 13 and the girls only 7. Our books were very heavy.

We stayed in the class for a few minutes and then they let us leave. I was a little scared because I didn’t know the rest of the students and the rest school grounds.

My experience of the first day at school was pretty good because I met new people and I went for first time to a new school with so many students. I’m very happy that I will continue to go to this amazing school.

My favourite destination

About a year ago I decided on my summer destination to visit Santorini. I had booked my tickets at least 3 months earlier and I couldn’t wait. One day before my flight I packed my 2 suitcases. I was going with my best friend so I was extremely excited.

When we arrived there it was around 11 o’clock. First, we left our suitcases at the hotel and then we decided to go and dring a glass of fresh lemonade. In the beginning, we had a difficult time trying to find a nice cafe, but after a little while, we found just the one. It was a small corner cafe near the beach. It had delicious goodies and fresh juices.

After we finished our lemonades we decided to go on a donkey ride. He had heard from the next table near the beach they were some donkeys. We had some difficulty getting on the donkey and this made us laugh at each other. We had such a great time riding the donkeys around the narrow cobbled streets of Santorini. It was a unique experience.

That day I had a very good time and I will never forget this day.I think Santorini is my favourite destination.


Now with quarantine things are definitely different. Children attend classes online and adults always work with protection depending on their job (some people work from home and other people go to work normally)

Νow we all stay at home for many hours for our own good.We watch series and movies, but in moderation. We also do some online shopping, as it helps our quarantine psychology. But these are not the only options.

  • I thought of some things we can do in quarantine so I don’t get bored

     Is there anything better than dreaming? Make a list of the places you want to go


It is never too late to show a trick to your dog. Play together and walk (also allowed).


                                      You do not need to start the Garden of Versailles. Take a pot or plant the seeds in the soil and watch it  grow.                                                                                                                                      Do not forget to water, according to the instructions.


Now is a good time to practice your karaoke skills or perfect your dancing skills for future parties


If you are a fan of cooking, you can experiment, try and discover new recipes that you will soon be able to share with your loved ones.


You can try to paint a portrait of yourself with the help of a mirror or leave yourself free with the colors


I hope I helped you with my ideas and you have a complete quarantine ♥