KEDU B2 Level

Endangered animals

The number of endangered animals has increased in our days. This is mainly caused by the man who selfishly destroys the habitats where many animals live to satisfy his interests. Another reason is the rapid growth of the population. This has created a greater need for more housing resulting in the destruction of the areas where the animals live. Also hunting is an equally important factor in reducing the population of some animals. But a contemporary cause is the phenomenon of climate change which has disturbed the climate and in general the natural balance of the earth. This change has brought many animals close to extinction such as the polar bear whose habitat is being destroyed every day. We can contribute to the protection of these animals by simply recycling. By recycling we will consume less energy which will slow down the climate change.


The best holiday i always have is when i visit my father’s place Trikala. Me and my family every summer visit grandparents and spend most of the time with them. I am always  happy  to spend my summer location with my father’s parents.The place is very nice. Grandfather takes me for tracking and other mountain activities with his dogs.Grandmother prepares our favourite meals every time.

Last summer was the best i have ever had.My sister,brother and i spend more than two months with our grandparents.So we had plenty of time to do interesting things with them.We visited the monasteries  of Meteora , we went for swimming in the man-made lake of Plastiras. We also went for camping with some friends,on the prairies of Pertouli. We went for tracking on the mountains,cycling and other sport activities in the big athletic park, in Trikala. It was very nice that i met all my friends and old classmates and we had a good time each other. But the best part ever was when my cousin Paris traveled from Lesvos to be with us for a week.

I hope this summer vocation will be as good as last years.We have interesting plans!

A special place for me

Hey Sam,


It’s my pleasure to help you. A special place for me is where scouts gather, it’s a near the docks or you can say next to the football field.


When you approach it, it looks like a small wooden cabin and a white container near ACS, surrounded by some green aluminium fences.


For me it doesn’t look like this, its two buildings fool of memories that will keep creating new ones. It’s a place that I can say that my life began. The reason that I’m saying that is because this place is where I met and made my best friends if I hadn’t decided to go to scouts I wouldn’t have met them and my life would have been a lot different without them right now.


With friendly love,


Is homeschooling better than school

Some parents teach their children at home rather than sending them to school. Having your parent as a teacher can be awkward, but also you will feel lonely because you won’t go to school so you cant make friends from there. Moreover, some people say that a parent won’t do the same job with a real teacher and sometimes this will make the lesson harder and slower than the one with a real teacher.


Besides, what is important in life is making friends and that is difficult in this situation. you see from school almost all the friends we have come from there, because of all the hours we spend every day with them. Being in your house alone rather at school can cost you a lot(as we see). You can also make friends from other activities but the kids there probably won’t accept that you’re not going to school.


the most important thing in the world you can say is you have a job. In our days you cant find a job without a college degree and you can’t have one unless you’ve finished college, but if you don’t go high school you can’t have a degree for college. So if you don’t go to school you don’t have a job.

My job application

Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing to apply for the position in your camp that was advertised in yesterdays collage News. I am interested in this job because I like to work with children.


I am twenty years old and I am studying to be a doctor, more specific a medical examiner. Also, I have a good command of English.


I have work experience in this area, when I was younger I went to scouts and I was in the same position as you have requested, and I know a lot about games and sports. I’m sure I’ll be good at this job because of my experience and because I’m creative, patient, energetic and always happy.


I’d like to attend an interview. I’ll be available any day you want at afternoons. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Stratos Kout


In the world of social media it is true that the relationship of young people with the book becomes problematic. There are so many challenges on the internet that the young person is unable to concentrate and focus on reading a book.                                           In particular, the young person moves away from the book because he focuses on constant browsing passionate conversations with friends or acquaintances (conversations, messages, images) making communication a means and not purpose.                             However there are also young people who, despite our technocratic era, consider book as a shelter from the fast pace of everyday life. This people use the books to broaden their knowledge and expand their horizon.                                                                     The role of the book in human life is very important because it is an open window to the whole world. With the book, the young man escapes the storm of the media and cultivates his imagination.                                                                                                                     In conclusion, in my opinion the book is a key to open a treasure chest. Only this treasure is not material, but spiritual. Besides, according to Cicero, “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. Let’s believe him!


I’m almost 13 years old.I have a great family, i live in a nice neighborhood of Mitilini, i go to a school that i like and a have a few good friends.My parents are both doctors and because of their job they have to stay out of home many hours even for a couple of days.Me and my younger sister and brother stay at home sometimes i have to look after them.All in our family love and help eatch other. Fortunately we don’t have serius problems as health or financial difficulties.But this is for now.Since i was 6 years old things sometimes were different when my parent had to work at Athens our grandparents had to take care of us. So we,the children, had to spend more time in Trikala with my father parent’s or in Lesvos with my mother’s family.We had a very good time with our grandparents and cousins but sometimes i missed my parents very much.And the most difficult part is that i had to change school almost every year and have new friends from the beginning.Now i think that those little problems were the reason that in our family there is love, carelessness, confidence and the belief that we are one by the other even when there is distance between us .Our family is strong and mature. Now i’m lucky that i have good friends everywhere.

Are we for or against zoos?

In our days, most countries have big zoos with animals from all over the world. They have small animals like monkeys or parrots but have bigger animals like elephants and lions. But are zoos good for animals or not? In my opinion, they are not.

To start with, animals have to be in their natural environment because it is their home. The animals there can grow, they can hunt their food and to not be captured in a zoo as if they were in prison. In the wild, they will have a healthier life and they will be happier.

Furthermore, zoos are very dangerous for everyone, because it has a big number of wild animals which can hurt us. For example, if a group of people come closer to this animal, it may be scared because it has a lot of people and to attack you. This is the animal’s reaction when they feel that they are in danger.

On the other hand, zoos have some important advantages for animals and their countries. Firstly, zoos raise the tourists of this country because everyone loves animals and wants to see them.
Secondly, animals, which are in danger to extinct, some people take them from the jungles and bring them to the zoos which they are safer.

To conclude, zoos are helpful to raise the tourism of the country, but they are like a prison for the animals.


Mean girls: American teen comedy, produced in 2004. The film was directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fei. The film stars: Lindsay Lohan, Racher McAdams Lacey, Amanda Seyfred and Lizzie Kaplan.
In the North Shore High school, there are three girls who are very rich and they do whatever they want. They all have them like idols. Until a new student arrives. And they invited her to go with them because she had no friends. But they are not as good as you think. When Cady (the new girl) finds a good friend, Regina (the leader) said bad things about her and he left her. The rest of the film shows Kady taking revenge.
If you are a teenager who likes this kind of movies, I think you should watch it, cause it has very nice backgrounds, good places, different stories, colours and suspense

The importance of physical education in school.

Many people recognize the importance of physical education and sports in school. On the other hand, other people believe it is a waste of time that they could spend on academic subjects.

Physical education is a lesson that we do about two times a week and it is a kind of lesson to relax while doing a significant sport that you may or may not like doing. It is a lesson that is fun to do and is like a break. You learn about a sport and for some lessons, you practise it. You learn about the rules of the sport and the teacher learns you some starting moves. Also, it is really good for people who don’t have time for after school activities but like sports.

On the other side, some people think it is a waste of time because they could do another lesson that is more important for them. Other people think it is boring because they don’t like the sport or they don’t like physical education at all.

My personal opinion is that physical education should be in school cause it is fun and a time of relaxation for most students and it only happens once or twice a week.

The positive and the negative aspects of staying at home

Being limited is nearly always a letdown. But sometimes if you have strong nerves and imagination it will turn out a bit funny or even exciting. Here we will analyse some good facts about the quarantine who will help you feel better.
Firstly, limited transportation is really what the planet needed. The worldwide quarantine is like a punishment from mother earth. Just think that she was so sick that she took some days off. Although these days seem to be ages.
Secondly, people are more than ever outside. Either for a walk or to daydream or even just to take a deep breath from the fresh air. Believe me, Amali (where I live) haven’t seen so many people from the time of her creation. Think of how many papers or messages with “Β4” written on them.
During the coronavirus confinement we do some things that we wouldn’t do in other conditions like try new foods or play new games and this can be very interesting. What about finding a new passion or hate.
I could think of a lot of bad aspects of staying at home but… I am here to make you feel better, not worse. DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN.

What are the positive and negative things of staying inside? What can we do to make our time more pleasant?

What are the positive and negative things of staying inside? How can we make our time more pleasant?

Staying inside is not something that humans can handle easily. So it’s hard to get used to it and find something fun to do while we are bored or we have nothing to do. But what are the positive and negative things of staying inside, and what can we do to make our time more pleasant?

Firstly, staying inside makes us feel bored inside a house, and we think that the day does not have an end. It also makes us feel lonely because we can’t see our friends and some members of our family like grand-parents, uncles, aunts and our cousins.
But, on the other hand, we have to stay inside so we stay healthy and help the coronavirus disease (COVID) stop spreading. And also for our loved ones, we have to protect them from the disease!
Last but not least, there are many ways that we can make our time less boring and more pleasant, firstly we have to do things that we like and things that we enjoy the most. Or if it’s possible we can practice our hobby at home, but there are some hobbies that we can’t practice at home like rowing, swimming etc.
To sum up, I believe that we have to stay at home so we protect our family and our own! I understand that it’s difficult to implement it but we have to try, for our planet’s good!

Eleni Tsaponi