KEDU B2 Level

“The Wrong Suitcase!”

Tom got off the train and as the train left, he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase. Tom had arrived in Athens and he was very happy because he had never gone on a journey in such a big city. But as he stepped away he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase.

Tom was very worried because the train, in which his suitcase was, had left. As he knew he was in trouble, he went to the stationmaster to declare the loss of his suitcase. So, he left the wrong suitcase and the stationmaster told Tom that if the person with his suitcase was coming there to declare the loss of his suitcase, he would inform him. When Tom told the stationmaster his address, he left.

After some days, Tom was informed that the person with his suitcase was found. So, he made an appointment with him the same day. When he went at the station, he was very surprised because the person with his suitcase was his best friend, Max…

Tom was relieved because he had found his suitcase and because the person who had it was his friend, Max!

Be taught at school or… at home?

These days, many parents prefer teaching their children at home rather than sending them at school. But this sometimes causes problems in the child’s everyday life. Actually this parent’s method is a good or a bad idea?

Firstly, if the parents don’t send their children at school, the children can’t communicate or socialize. This means that they can only communicate with their parents instead of being at school with their friends and their teachers. Secondly, if the children stay inside and they just communicate with their parents, they can’t make new friends. This means that they lose the chance to socialize with other children of their age.

Thirdly, if the children are staying inside and they have their parents as a teacher, the relationship between the children and the parents is destroyed. For example, in this case, the children think that their parents are very severe and standoffish. Additionally, when the children are studying with their parents, they think that it’s a joke and they ridicule the lesson because of the familiarity with their parents. This means that the children don’t pay close attention to the lessons.

Finally, we should mention that the children have to go to school and socialize with other children!

Cartoons Come To Life!!!

Hi Sam. I have a place that is special and important to me in my mind

My special place is the Norwegian Towns that inspired the movie Frozen! Most kids have seen the movie Frozen; what they do not know is that the snowy landscapes we see in the movie are inspired by real parts of Norway!

Bergen was the main inspiration behind the magical kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen.

Although the majority of the kingdom of Arendelle was inspired by Bergen, there are a couple of structures throughout the kingdom that is reminiscent of locations in other parts of Norway. For example, the castle where Elsa and Anna grew up is inspired by the Akershus Fortress in Oslo.
Part of what makes Arendelle so gorgeous is that it is located at the base of a fjord. However, it is not just any fjord. The fjord that frames Arendelle was, in fact, inspired by Nærøyfjord.
It is important to me because my music teacher has translated the voice of Elsa and introduced me to some of the foreign actors in the movie who gave me a ticket to travel whenever I want to these parts of Norway.
I hope I helped you with what I told you about. Good luck with your project.

By for now,

Your friend Fotieni

Teaching at home or at school

Homeschooling is something that is used in other countries around the world where students stay at home and get taught by their parents or a private tutor. This is something that may be enforced here in Greece. My opinion is that this will not be beneficial for students if some parents teach their children at home. There are many problems with this issue and this essay will discuss them.

Firstly, parents may not know all the lessons so good because of their education and this is not proper for children. For example, if a parent is a mathematics teacher and doesn’t know geography very well, the child will be good at mathematics and not very good at geography. This means that it is better to be at a school with many different teachers than at home with a parent who can’t teach all subjects.

Also, children may want to be with friends and peers at school and if he doesn’t attend he will lose his friends and fun moments at school. Overall, all these activities will be lost from his childhood. Therefore, he will be isolated and may in depression. Consequently,  parents may push him and argue with him. Resulting in anxiety which may make the student forget what he had learned with so much effort.

Lastly, staying at home will not allow the child to exercise. To illustrate this, if he stays at home for 6 hours only for the lessons of the day, he may be sitting in a chair for more than 6 hours and in the break, he can go to eat something. This means that he doesn’t walk inside the home and will eventually have health problems and might have more weight than before. Overall, this isn’t good for the person to be all day inside at home.

In conclusion, I believe that it is better for children to attend school than stay at home and get taught by their parents. For one thing, at school, there are more teachers for different subjects and also there are other students to hang out with and socialise. Hasn’t the quarantine showed us that kids need kids to be normal?


Dear Mary

Hi! I’m writing to suggest to you a place that you can leave for a long weekend break.

In my opinion the place that you can have a good time is Tinos. Tinos is a small beatifull and unique island because it has a big wonderfull Virgin’s church.You can go there to pray and waship.Tinos has many restaurant that you can enjoy your food.

There many activities in Tinos. For example you can take a walk at the port or you can go for shopping in the Tino’s traditional market. You xan look for a hotel at the internet.

I think that is the best place  for your break.I wish you to have a good time at your break.

With love Angela

Wrong Suitcase!

Tom got off the train and as the train left,he realised he was holding the wrong suitcase. He was from Rome. He was travelling 12 hours to go to Barcelona to meet his grandmother.

He realised he was holding the suitcase of the man next to him. He got off the train before 15 minutes in the previous stand. He opened the suitcase and a big surprise was waiting him. The suitcase was full with money.

He went to an other train and returned to the stand that the mysterious man had got off. Tom searched for him in some cafeterias but he wasn’t anywhere. He noticed that the suitcase had an address and a name. He asked some people in his way to find the address.

Tom finally went to the right address, Mitropolis 7. He rang the bell. The door opened. The man that was on the train was just there. Tom gave him the suitcase and asked for his. The man gave to Tom the suitcase and closed the door. Tom took his suitcase and walked away.

After some hours, he finally went to his grandmother’s house. When he was telling what happened,  his grandma can’t believe her ears. She was very surprised about all that things Tom was saying. She understand that Tom was a honest boy.

task 2 from speaking

Hi Emily
I hope you’re doing well and having a great time in LA. I am sending you this email to inform you about a movie called frozen 2 I saw yesterday at my local cinema. The film is a continuation of the previous one which we saw together. The storyline of this movie is that Elsa Anna Kristof Olaf and Sven, embark on a journey beyond their kingdom of Arendelle to discover the origin of Elsa’s magical powers and save their kingdom after a mysterious voice calls out to Elsa. This mysterious voice was coming from a river named Ataxalan which knew everything about the past. So that’s how their journey began. On their way to Ataxalan, they found many difficulties, and some of them are that they had to pass through a magic forest which they were not allowed to because in the past Elsas and Annas grandad had declared war between the people who lived there and the Arendelles residents so the forest banned all the people who lived in Arendelle and it surrounded itself with a magic fog. Luckily for them, Elsa with her magic power of the ice could enter the forest but they couldn’t exit. Another difficulty was that Elsa when she reached Ataxalan without one to help her, from her curiosity to learn more for the past she froze and she couldn’t move! Luckily at the end of the movie anna saved her, and the whole kingdom. Also, Elsa decided to give her title and her crown to anna, and go and live in the magic forest where she belongs. One last thing Anna at the end of the movie she married Kristoff and they became the king and the queen of Arendelle. What a happy ending! I would totally recommend this movie to you because first of all is an action – romantic movie which are the two kinds of movies you like. Secondly, the production of the movie is amazing, the plot is really interesting, the music of the movie is just perfect and lastly and most importantly it gives us a really strong message which is sisterly love.


Dear Deppie


Why were you missing? I hope you are well.  Yesterday teachers gave us the timetable for the final exams . And because you were missing , I will give it to you.

Let’s start! The next Monday we will write Modern Greek literature and Modern Greek language at 9:00 a.m. The next Wednesday we will write Maths at 10:00 a.m. The next Thursday we will write History at 9:30 a.m. And finally, the next Friday we will write Physics at 8:30 a.m.

To celebrate the end of school year , I will have a party where the whole class will be invited, I hope you are able to come. We will have a good time.


From Angela

Computers negatively affect school

Dear City Times

I agree that students are too many hours on a computer and have lower grades on tests than the students that they are fewer hours, usually. But I agree with students being on the computer for fewer hours.

Some students that use the computer or their mobile phone (over 5 hours) too many hours neglect their lessons and their assignments with the result to go to school without having their exercises and achieving low grades on tests.  I believe that they can use the computer but they must study for their lesson. For this reason, they must use the computer fewer hours that so they will have plenty of hours for studying.  So, they will have time for fun, they study their lessons and they are not neglecting school either.

In Conclusion, the use of the computer is not bad for school but its use must be in a regular time.


Sonic the Hedgehog!!!(Movie Review)

This movie is called Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s based on the global blockbuster videogame from Sega. It’s about Sonic, the world’s speediest hedgehog who lives in a world hidden. In this movie, Sonic decides to visit the planet earth and see what it looks like. There he made a new human friend, Tom, with who he tries to defend the evil and genius Mr. Robotnik, who wants to use Sonic’s power for his plan about world domination. This movie presents the theme of friendship which is very important in our life!!! Sonic the hedgehog is one of the most interesting and exciting movies you can watch!

CHRISTMAS and other Christmas stories

The author of the book is Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

This book has 6 stories, one of them is “Vanka”. Vanka is a boy that from the time that he was young his family was working as slaves for a rich family. His mother had passed away and the only one alive in his family was his grandfather. His grandfather had left the rich family years before and went to another country. Vanka sends a letter to his grandfather in order to beg him to take him to the country that he lives, because at the family that Vanka worked his boss and his wife would beat him every day.


My favourite part is when Vanka sends his letter to his grandfather hoping that he receives it and comes to take him from there.

Peter’s adventure

As soon as Peter reached the hotel,he knew something was wrong. The receptionist was surprised that he saw him. He had arrived at Paris this morning.

When he got out of the airport he noticed that someone was following him. He went to a restaurant for lunch. After,he went on the hotel. The receptionist saw him and he didn’t believe in his eyes. He was the same person that called and said that he was in New York before two hours. He said that he didn’t go to the hotel and give the room to someone else.

The receptionist said all that to Peter. When Peter heard all of that he can’t believe him. He was in the airport before two hours. He arrived to Paris from Egypt. He never has been to New York.  Someone said that was Peter and Peter didn’t know who he was. The police came to the hotel after a call of Peter. The number that called before two hours was a family friend that wanted to prank him. The family friend was the person that was following him. He asked Peter to forgive him. Peter forgive him and they went for a walk together.