KEDU Senior D (B1)

Dragon tales (part 8)ST.GEORGE AND THE DRAGON

The Christian church created the legend of Saint George battling Satan in the form of a dragon. The legend is very old but it’s known to many cultures in East and West. According to the legend there was a terrible dragon who was causing disasters to a city.
people were forced from the dragon to give hi their sheep every day, but when the sheep were not enough they had to sacrifice humans.One day the dragon asked for the king’s daughter or he would stop giving water to the city. The young lady was prepared to be given to the dragon, at the time that St.George arrived in the city on his white horse. He killed the dragon with his lance and he saved the girl. The king was so grateful.He offered him a treasure for saving his daughter.St.George refuseδ the money and the gold and told the king to give them to poor people. People were so happy and grateful for getting free, that they built a church for St.George.

Apostolis Μ.


Dragonn tales (part 7) THE BELIEF IN DRAGONS

Dragons are the most popular mythological creatures. Dragon tales are known in many cultures all over the world.
Sometimes people believed that dragons were useful and protective and other times they believed that dragons were very dangerous creatures. Old Christians believed that dragons represented Satan.
There were many different kinds of dragons, with different colours and scaly skin. Some dragons had wings and could fly. Some others didn’t have wings. They were called warms and they lived in the water (in the sea, lakes or big rivers). Some dragons could speak or breathe fire. Some dragons lived in a palace under the ocean and some others could be found in caves. All of them liked gold and priceless stones. So people believed that every dragon had a treasure. The dragon’s blood was poisoned and someone who battled a dragon could be killed even in that way, by the beast’s blood. Also, people believed that a fearless army of warriors with swords and shields could be created from the dragon teeth if they got seed in the ground.
Dragons are presented in mythology as powerful, fearless and dangerous creatures. Most known dragons in Greek mythology are the dragons of the Hesperide’s garden, who was guarding the golden apples and Lernaean Hydra Both of them were killed by Hercules. Also, the dragon guarding the golden fleece, faced from Jason and Medea. Even the Christian church created legends of saints battling dragons as st. George. They are many tales about dragons in every country and movies were the cast. Evil or good dragons are the favourite beasts of people, especially of children.

Apostolis M.

Dragon tales (part 6) DRAGONS IN CHINA

People believed that dragons really exist. They believed had dragons in the western countries were very bad creatures but in the east were good and friendly.

In China, there were a lot of kinds of dragons. They were friendly and they lived in harmony with people. In China, it was believed that dragons are holy and wise creatures. Sometimes people asked an old dragon for advice.
In China, people believed that the dragon of money sometimes leaves a gold coin out of the door, of your house. If the other day you take the coin, it brings you happiness and wealthiness. The Chinese emperors were accepted as dragon sons. Many of them used a dragon as their emblem. A dragon symbolizes force, luck, happiness, wealthiness, long life and wisdom.
In China every twelve years they celebrate the year of the Dragon. Every child born in that year is lucky and will have a good life. The year of the dragon is a good year for someone to be born in China.

Apostolis M.

Help the local community

We help the community if we throw our garbage in the bin and we don’t throw our rubbish on the ground. We also have to separate the normal garbage from recycling where we have to be economical on some things like paper so that we don’t have to burn more trees to fix it. Also, we should ride our bike every day so that we don’t put a load on the environment too. In such a case as now with the coronavirus, we have to  follow the security measures and not violate them for the good of all man

My favourite season !

My favourite season is Summer. First Summer is my favourite season because the school is closed and I get up whatever time I want . Second I don’t have homework and all day I play with my friends, I go at the beach and I go with my Family many excursions in or out of the island and we see new places and sights. Third and final almost every summer you came and one cheer us up that we had time to see. This is the three reasons that summer is my favourite season.


My house

My house is in an apartment building. It is big, it has two rooms, a bathroom, a huge living room and a huge dining table that we have set up two tables. The kitchen is also large and has three pancakes, two washbasins, a plate holder and the electric cooker. The two rooms are large and one is my parents’ room and the other is mine and my brothers have three desks, three beds, three cabinets, a vertical library and a huge toy furniture. We have three balconies, a large courtyard containing the garage.

nefeli t.

Easy app

the application I present is called easy application is an application which helps in the lessons of the school and gives us the answers to do this we need to take a photo the exercise and immediately will give us the solution I think lots of people will download the application because everyone wants to solve their exercises without thinking

Mike V.


Reactions is a virtual reality app where you can test your reaction time.
Reactions is a VR app made by Jim k. It’s an app where you do many different tests of your actual speed, but also you can train your self to gain more speed. There is a variety of modes. Some of them are reaction time test/train, reflex test/train, Speed click test/train, Color speed test.
Although as the creator of the game said, you should play this game for at least one hour, because it may cause problems such as Nausea, vomiting, colour blindness and many more (especially if you play the Color speed test mode).
You can download this app on the Steam Market. It’s for free and it waits to see how good you are at it and to train you so you can get faster than a cat’s reflexes.

Jim Κ.


People believed that in some lakes used to live dragons. Two of these lakes are in the region of Epirus. These are Dragonlake of Timphy and the Dragonlake of the mountain Smolicas. According to the myth two dragons lived in the lakes. They were enemies and when they were fighting, they used to throw big stones one to each other. It was like a battle between them. We don’t know who was the winner but the results of those battles are amazing. The Dragonlake of Smolika has white shores with black stones. The Dragonlake of Timphy has black shores with some white stones.
In our days in the lakes live some amphibian reptiles called Tritons. They look like small dragons about 10-15 cm.

Apostolis M.


In another myth of ancient Greece a big dragon is the guard of the Golden Fleece. This is the skin of a big, golden ram, which was sent by Zeus to take two kids, Phrixus and his sister Ellie, away from their mean stepmother, who wanted to kill them. The ram took the kids on it’s back and flew away but only the boy was rescued because his sister fell into the sea and died.
When Phrixus arrived in a faraway country, Colchida, the king welcomed him as a special guest. He sacrificed the holy animal ad took its golden skin. Then he hung it on a big tree and ordered a terrifying sleepless dragon to guard it. That dragon had to defeat Jason and his crew to take the golden fleece and save their country. Jason with some magic spells of the witch called Medea slept the dragon, took the skin and run away.

Apostolis M.


In ancient Greece, people believed in dragons. One very known myth is about the golden apples of Hesperides. Those fruits were given to Zeus and Hera as a wedding gift from the mother goddess earth. Hera kept the trees with the golden fruits into the Garden of Gods and ordered to a dragon guard them. That dragon looked like a huge snake with many heads. The dragon was sleepless because when some of the heads were sleeping others were keeping open eyes. Nobody could approach and steal the fruits.
According to myth, that dragon was killed by Hercules, who wanted to steal the golden apples. Then Zeus turned the dragon into a constellation to thank him for his service and forced Hercules to give back the golden fruits.

Apostolis M.


Dragon tales (part 2) THE DRAGON OF KASTORIA

Once upon a time, in Kastoria, there was a terrifying dragon, who lived in a cave near the lake. The beast was very cruel. He was eating the sheep from the farms and all the fish from the lake. People and animals were terrified.
One day the dragon grabbed the king’s beautiful daughter and he carried her into his cave. The king was very sad. He offered a huge reward to the brave knight, who could kill the dragon and release the princess! sitting on a rock, in front of the cave and he fell in love with her. The dragon was flying around sinking his wings into the lake’s water. The knight took his bow and tried to kill the dragon but it wasn’t so easy to defeat him. They were fighting for many hours and at last, the knight shot the dragon straight to his heart. The dead dragon fell into the lake and the water became red from his blood. So the knight released the princess and married her.
They lived happily for many years. The dragon’s cave in Kastoria is one of the most visited caves in Greece.

Apostolis M.