KEDU Senior D (B1)

A good family


In a good family we show the love and affection to each other, we share our problems, we listen to what each other says, argue but makeup afterwards, we celebrate together, talk all the time, we go on holiday together and we find time to eat as a family.

Family Ties


What each person thinks of as a good family varies depending  on their perspective and culture. We need to look at families from many countries as to how long the parents have been married and their ages. Family means supporting the members. It maybe as little as making time to go to all performances, matches or special days at weekends. Being by their side caring for them all through  their lives. Getting to know the members and supporting their choices, loving them and their friends, their career and interests.

Strong families appear in different ways and forms . There are single parent families, nuclear families and extended families. All have the same goals , to protect their members support their choices and most important give love and affection.

My hobbies

musical instruments

Every human in the world has a hobby. Hobbies are something you like doing in your free time. For example, in my free time, I like listening to music.

So when  I was 6 years old I have my first violin lesson. I was so excited about this musical instrument. Nowadays, I have been playing for 7 years and I like it very much. When I was 9, I start playing the piano but I continue it after 1 year. When I was younger I also did ballet, Zumba, hip-hop and international dances but I stopped it all when I was 11 years old. Now I only go to Music school and I play 4 musical instruments. Accordeon, violin, piano and taburas.

Sometimes I think of why it is important to have hobbies. I think that hobbies it is a way to calm and make me happy. Hobbies it is that we like to do every time.

I like so much my hobbies and maybe I will do another hobby in the future.

A good family


It doesn’t matter if your family is a nuclear, extended or single-parent; it should be happy.

All families have many problems but the point of the family is that all the members together can solve them. If you fight with your family you know that in the end, all will be as first.

A perfect family doesn’t exist. But some characteristics a good family should have are:

1) help each other

2) listen to what each other says.

3) share the problems

4) show love and affection to each other.

5) argue but makeup afterwards.

So don’t worry about your family, because according to my opinion all families are good with different ways!!

A Good Family

A good family should be loved. Not to fight with each other. To say all the problems and try to solve them together. To spend quality time together. To go on holidays together. Not to keep secrets from each other. And always be loved and bound.


Do you have stress? Do you want to do something that get away your angry? Have you try to do an activity to clear your mind or makes you stronger personality?

I do some activities that ,they are very helpful for me. I do taekwondo ,this helps me get away my angry and many times my stress! Also i play volleyball, at school and i think that i am good at it.

Activities with energy are really exciting ,but what about tha languages? The most of the people things that ,thay are boring but i like them so much!! They helps me be more confident!

I know that too many activities are tiring and some of them very boring, but not all of them , the most are helpful according to me opinion because they help me too!

The free time

I like free time because we need free time, to rest and to do our favorite hobbies. For example we can do some activities. To do volleyball, basketball , dance and much more
l do Latin dance , I watch series and I play with my dog. I do dance because it relaxes me and takes me away from my daily routine. Nights I like to watch series because takes your mind off your problems.
My dog is happy every day and he wants play with me always . I love my dog and all dogs.
Free time is the time you want to rest and where you want to do your favourite things . We all have hobbies and we need them



Why it is important to have hobbies!!!

Hobbies are so great. Some hobbies are relaxing, challeging or even strange. But some hobbies are stressful and dengerous.

There are a lot of hobbies which suit our character. For example, playing chess. The chess helps people clear their mind and use strangedy. Another example is drawing which helps us become more creative!

We need hobbies because without hobbies we do not have knowledge. Hobbies relieve stress, help you express yourself, teach you to be patient or help you make many friends!!

Thats why, we need to do hobbies for our body, to be social, patient or creative.

Why it is Iimportant to have Hobbies

Hobbies we do in our free time. If you do not have a hobby you may get bored. If you have many hobbies you may think your free time is little.

The best way to cultivate a new hobby is to try something new. There are many activities which are wonderful and exciting most hobbies are interesting and adventurous. Hobbies are your character.

Some hobbies are team sports and away to make a new friend and acquaintances. Other hobbies are specific things such as tennis, reading, volleyball and more.

My hobbies are a very important part of my life. I find time to escape from my daily life. Hobbies sometimes help you to overcome stress and more.


I have a lot of hobbies but  one is  the most exciting.Skateboarding is the best it’s so energetic and a bit risky.I skate every day for two hours in my free time. I bought my own skateboard and tried to learn tricks that I ‘ve watched on YouTube. I’ve fallen down many times but it doesn’t hurt at all.I started skating a month ago my friend motivated me she had a skateboard and I asked her to try it  out. I liked it very much so I got hooked. Skateboarding is difficult you need to have very good balance and it’s hard to ride uphills. I want to be the best care in the world there is not one yet so maybe it could be me. Try it out and you won’t regret it but make sure you can balance!

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a five-star hotel in India. It has two small buildings and another building which is the biggest. All the hotels have 30 windows, 4 floors and the biggest building is 157m. This building is the oldest palace and now is a hotel which all people come to see.



I have many hobbies but my favourite hobby is volleyball.Volleyball is a diffcult sport to play but it helps me to forget my problems and my stress that I have with my lessons.

In volleyball I play in the position of passing the ball.It is a very difficult position beacause you must have a goal and you must be very smart to make perfect moves.Volleyball is playeed with a ball on the volleyball court which consists of 6 players…

I started playing volleyball because my best friend Dimitra told me that she would start and because I was very curious I said that I would try it.It was a very brave move for me because I had never played this sport before.When I went I loved it from the first minute and now I am still playing and I don’t intend to stop it!

I think that is the perfect hobby for me because is exciting and fast-moving sport.I can’t imagine my life without it!