KEDU Senior D (B1)


So as we all know we are getting quarantined AGAIN! A lot of people don’t like this, but there are some weirdos that do like it. As you realise I don’t like it.

Staying 24 hours a day home, sleeping and in front of our computers or our mobile phones isn’t the best. I get bored easily, I like going out every day with my friends and playing Hide & Seek, football, ride our bikes etc. Also, I used to practise skating every day for about 2 hours and now I can’t do it. Maybe these are nothing but the worst hasn’t come yet… ONLINE LESSONS!!!!!!

This is the most difficult part for me, maybe you think “oh come on you just stay in front of a screen and listen”, NO! there are so many problems behind this, my eyes are going to hurt because I’m going to stay in front of the computer for many hours, there are going to be so many connection problems and stuff like that, so I can hardly understand the lesson.

I’m really going to miss the outside life and all the things I used to do out! I REALLY HATE CORONA VIRUS!


Having hobbies is best for you. You can play football, play basketball, draw and do a lot of other things that interest you rather than lying in bed or sitting on the sofa. You get bored when you do not have anything to do.

We are all day attached to our mobile phones and computers. We check them when we eat, we scroll through social media as soon as we wake up and more. We spend our free time literally doing harm on ourselves.

By doing hobbies you can express your feelings by drawing, singing and dancing. There are hobbies like football, basketball and cycling that you can have fun, but also keep fit.

Start doing a hobby! You will never regret it. You are going to be happier, healthier and more energetic. It will change your life.


Besties 🖇️🌎❤️

My favourite time of the day is when I have finally finished my homework and I go out with my friends!

These girls are so funny, kind and the best persons that I’ve ever met! We sometimes go shopping or we go out to our neighbourhood!

We always have fun and we never fight! We are like a family and I love them so much 💞

I wish we never stop loving each other, helping and having fun all together.

That’s all about my best friends!

Present my music taste (genre)

There are many types of music which are very popular, but some others are not.

My favourite style of music I think is not so famous!! The name of this music is indie music.

I like it so much and my favourite singer is Marie Ulven or otherwise” girl in red” She sings indie songs and she is very good at it!

That’s all about my favourite type of music!

Bye for now!

Present my self!


My name is Dimitra, I’m 12 years old, I’m from Samos and my hobbies are taekwondo, skate and drowning.

My favourite subjects are physics and geography!  I like listening to music and hanging out with my friends!

My dad’s name is Kostas and my mum’s name is Stamatia. Also, I have an older sister named Eva and a dog named Milou.

That’s all about me, goodbye for now!!



Halloween 🎃

Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st of October. When young children usually disguise themselves in something scary and visit homes collecting lots of sweets, an action known as Trick or Treat.

This holiday is a tradition. Halloween is for all ages and everyone enjoys  having parties .

Halloween is celebrated all over the world. The children  go-to houses and ask Trick or Treat when the owner says Trick the children do a trick and when he says Treat the owner has to give sweets to the children.The pumpkins are carved and inside of the pumpkin, they put candles.

Happy Halloween




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My family

Hi, my name is Thomas, I am 12 years old I am going to junior high school. I have a sister her name is Iro Maria, she is 16 years old and she goes to high school. She has brown hair and brown eyes. My dad’s name is Panagiotis and he is 47 years old. He has black hair and green eyes. My mum’s name is Myrsini and she is 44 years old. She has brown hair and brown eyes. In my family, we have two dogs and one cat, their names are Kanelitsa, Zoumpi and Souzi.


Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st when young children usually dress up in something “scary” and visit homes collecting lots of sweets. The pumpkin custom has its roots in the old Irish myth of Jack. On Halloween, pumpkins are carved into scary faces which are called Jack-o-lanterns because they put candles inside. Everybody has a great time having fun at parties scaring each other and playing games. Many like watching scary movies and listening to spooky stories. Halloween is a tradition that everyone enjoys.

The haunted doll

A thousand years ago, there was a person named Alexa that she gave dolls to the children. One of these dolls was haunted. A girl who took the doll had no idea that the doll was haunted. She went to her mums work and she played with the doll. When the doll opened and close her eyes the girl was dead. Her mum was shocked. She left only for a minute and her daughter was dead. When mum picks the doll she looked at her eyes and after 10 minutes she was dead too. The other people that they were there, picked the doll and they don’t look at her eyes so they gave her to a museum. After a thousand years when a thousand people went to this museum a person named Stefan went near the doll and he was The doll down. After 20 minutes he was dead by a car accident. They don’t know yet how the accident was.




  • Halloween is the dat of dead people! People have created a day when dead people’s spirits and all the creepy creatures “celebrate”. It sounds weird and it is !


  • The day which we celebrate Halloween is the 31st of October
  • People from a lot of countries celebrate but not as many in Europe and it is so sad because Halloween is a very nice celebration

                   WHAT DO WE DO IN HALLOWEEN👻 🍬

  • In Halloween kids dress up like something scary (ghost,zombies,vampires etc.) and the night of Halloween they go out knock on peoples doors and ask ” trick or treat” if the owner of the house answers “treat” he  should give some treats to the kids but if you doesn’t answer….. a prank is waiting for him
  • Mums or dads decorate the house, the garden and they cut a pumpkin with a shape of an angry/scary face, that tradition is named Jack O’Lantern.             



Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is celebrated on the night of October 31st, when young children are dressed as something “scary” and visit homes collecting lots of sweets, as a “Trick or Treat”. Trick or Treat is a traditional Halloween  custom for children and adults. In the evening, children go from house to house, asking “Trick or Treat”. If the host says Treat, he gives the children  sweets,  if he says Trick , you must do a Trick to scare him.The symbol of the celebration is the pumpkin which is cut so that it takes a human form while inside the pumpkin is a lighted candle. The pumpkin is connected to a story about cunning Jack.