KEDU Senior D (B1)

Christmas holidays are cool

In my Christmas adventures, I had fun. I had played with my friends and my cousins. I was bought many clothes, shoes and small cute things. The day we celebrated together with my family the new Year. My mum and my aunt were cooking for dinner. Me, my brother and my cousin, were playing with our mobiles-phones. When the dinner was ready we were sitting in our chairs. The clock was 11:00 and I was so excited because in one hour was the new year 2020. I, my brother and my cousin were finishing our food. The clock was 11:30 and with my relatives were very happy. When the clock was 12:00 we were opening the champaign. The clock was 1:00 in the morning and my relatives left their houses. The next I and my brother opened our gifts. The gifts we took were amazing. My brother had a big car, one board game and small things. I had taken many clothes, one necklace and things for my school. The next day the whole family we had gone to a beautiful and good restaurant. Later we went to a zoo and we saw birds, parrots, deers, bar, horses, ostrich, dogs and freezing cold. When we saw all these animals, we went to jumbo stores. We had bought small things and my brother bought a castle. One hour later we went to my home. These are all my Christmas adventures.

It was a terrible night

It was a rainy night when Mike was camping in a forest with a friend. Thunder and thunderbolt sounded outside and the Mike got scared more and more. Suddenly he heard two peoples to talking softly. He tried to understand what they were saying but he couldn’t hear anything. When he saw out of the little tent’s window he recognized that they were terrible thieves and they were trying to hide their stolen goods. At that moment he stayed at his tend and he wishes to acknowledge his presence. He was afraid and sure that he would die. But after a long time he fell asleep. In the morning he woke up,the rain had stopped and the birds were singing in the blue sky. He believed that it was a terrible dream. But when he saw the knives on the rocks he woke up his friend, who hadn’t understood anything all night. They packed up their camp equipment and swore that he would never go camping again. Mike felt extremely relieved as he drove away.
Angela H.
Senior D

Art is my hobby

My hobby is art, I like my hobby because is very interesting and important for me.
When I draw I clear my mind and rilieve stress.
Hobbies are for relaxing in your free time. 😀

Drawing is my life

Hi I’m Iria.Having time for yourself is very important.Listening to music makes me relax,but my favorite hobby isn’t that.My favorite hobby is drawing.Since I was young and now I draw everywhere, even in books,on papers and on canvas.
I like drawing because it expresses my feeling.It’s not so easy and makes me sometimes upset because my mind isn’t clear and I can’t draw the things that I want to draw.I will draw even if the drawing is ugly because I enjoy doing it.
Iria Hatzihalkia D Senior

Short story with Emma

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. They had two boats, one was their friends and the other wad Emma’s. They were sailing when suddenly. Emma’s boat stopped working they saw that they had no fuel. At that time Emma’s dad got scared and asked for help from the other boat. Emma’s mom also asked for food because they had run out.
Everyone was frightened and anxious. Finally, their friends helped Emma’s family to start the boat again. They returned back to the harbour safe and relieved from their adventure.
George Kapetanelis

Fluffy hugs and sleep

In my free time I play with my cats.l have 5 cats,I love them…!!!
I like cats because is playful,cute and sometimes is silly but I love them. It makes me happy and I forget all the problem that I have!
Zoe N.

Surprise trip to Seattle

It was a sunny Sunday morning and my parents, my sister and I went on a trip in Seattle. When we arrived we saw a beautiful view and we were excited. There was a big, beautiful mountain and we desided to go on the top of it.
We were hiking for 1 hour. We where very tired when we arrived on the top of the mountain but the view was breathtaking. We took a lot of photos.
After while suddenly we felt a blush and then we saw the volcano erupting. We started running but my sister fell and I helped her. Then we run all together and when we arrived we saw a bus and we fastly went in it. We were very lucky nothing happened to us. We felt extremely relieved as we drowe away.
Victoria R. Senior D

Digital video game era

Hi my name is Tony and I am 12 years old. In my free time I have many things to do but the best thing is playing video games with my brother and my friends.
It relaxes me and I play every week for about 6hrs. I play with my brother and if my friends are online we play together. My favourite video game is fifa. Bye for now
Antonis Tz.

Hike to the top of a…. volcano!

My parents and I felt very excited when we set off on our hike up the mountain.
It was a wonderful morning in Hawaii and the sun was shining. When we reached on the top of the mountain we saw a volcano on the top we were seeing lava.
Suddenly the volcano erupted and we were running. We got scared and breath.
When we were hiking my mum felt and was hurting. Then we saw a bus and we got in.
We felt extremely relieved as we drove away.
Pashalis D.

Sing like a pro

My favourite hobby is singing. I like it because it calms me and makes me happy when I am sad or angry!.
I like many types of music. I like pop English and Greek music and rap music.
I have been having singing and dancing lessons for about 6 years.
My future plans are to continue what I am doing now and try my best to succeed in becoming a better singer.
Fotini Theodorolea

Kumite Karate rules

In my free time, I do karate. Karate is a martial art and you learn how to protect yourself. You wear white trousers, a white jacket and inside you wear a T-shirt. You put on like boxing gloves and a little mask to protect your mouth when you play Kumite. You exercise your body and your mind. It is a difficult sport to do. You must learn kata because with kata you get a higher belt. Doing karate is fun !!