KEDU Senior D (B1)

My opinion for the future of languages

Well, i think that the way who are used the languages now is good because when we are traveling in different countries, we are learning about a other culture and a another religion. Also, we have the opportunity to learn more languages except from our and we can to work in a foreign country for a biggest success and more money.

If in the future most languages disappear, the people won’t understand each other and the life won’t have meaning. We will need much time to learn this language who will stay and anyone will find easy job. Also, won’t be interesting the holidays in a other country.

From this we understand that we need much languages in our life because is not easy to understand all in a language.






Christmas problem

It was Christmas Eve and snowing. A boy was sitting next to from a window and he thought. He wanted to travel in New York, but he was poor. He wanted to went there, because his aunt was there and he missed her.

Well, since he wanted this gift, he decided to gave this gift in himself alone. He went a walk in front of the airport, when he thought something. He saw a Mr. who traveled for New York and he had a big suitcase. This man left  away from his suitcase for a minute and the boy got into it. When the man got this and went in the airplane, he didn’t understand anything and the boy traveled with him.

When the man went in hotel and put down the suitcase to went  a walk, the boy left secretly. He knew where his aunt stayed, but he didn’t know the route which must followed. Well, he asked the people in the street and they told him the route. At that moment, his parents were worried about where he was.

But, when he arrived at aunt’ s home, she notified them and she booked tickets to traveled his parents there. The boy got his gift and his dream was held. It was the best Christmas holiday for him.

Holiday Christmas


At Christmas 2001 they were a family who had gone to gather wood for the fireplace and had left their dog alone at home. This dog I made a lot of scandals and that day he threw down the Christmas tree and broke all the ornaments that were around him. When the family returned home they saw that everything was destroyed and I had no money to buy but they could not but Christmas but their neighbors found out what happened and went to make food and alpine desserts decorated a new tree others cooked and finally had Christmas with the neighbors who helped them. And so they had a very nice Christmas


My dream is to become a surgeon. A lot of people think that it is disgusting, but for me, it’s just a job!I really like this job cause I help people and save lives. It is really hard and risky work because as I said you save people lives most of the times but not always… That’s the hardest part for me, and got me thinking about it so many hours but I believe that I can be that beave to face this fear of me. This doesn’t make me quit because all jobs have their own sacrifices.

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, Is a legendary character who is said to bring gifts to the houses of children on the night of Christmas Eve (24 of December) or during the early morning hours of Christmas day (25 of December) and ”coal” to naughty kids. He makes the toys in his workshop at the north pole and flying reindeer who pull his sleigh through the air.

Santa Claus is generally depicted as a polite white-bearded man often with spectacles, wearing a red coat with white fur collar and cuffs, white-fur-cuffed red trousers, red hat with white fur, and black leather belt and boots, carrying a bag full of gifts for children. His laugh is soo cool! he sounds like ”ho ho ho”.

Some kids believe that he is real but some kids not. What do you think… he is real or not?

                                                      MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <3



In a few days Christmas is approaching. One of the most important celebrations for all of humanity. Day of love and brotherhood. Each of us feels the need to offer something, even a smile, a tender gesture, a good reason. But this must be done with everyone. It is easy to be tender with those who love us but it is a little harder to smile at the sullen faces around us. These days seem magical and dreamy. All year long you wait for December to arrive, to take the boxes from the attic with the ornaments, the lanterns, the balls and every corner of your house to be filled with magic.

The diary of a Wimpy kid!!

This book is about a teenage boy named Greg,that writes all what happens every  day on his diary. All summer he wanted to enter the high school and he was so excited,but when that day came he completely changed his mind. There were the ”cool” boys that bulied him and his friend ,the ”weirdos” that wanted to be friends with Greg but he didn’t!!There were a lot of lessons that he didn’t like to learn but he had to!!!There are more adventures with his family and school but you  have to read the book to find out!!!


The boardgame name is nockout because it is a nockout.



You need a dice

You must  use the symbols

There are three gaps boxes

The boardgame has 10 rounds

The first player to complete 10 rounds, the last player leave to game until two  players



Shells:The red shell gives you the opportunity to hit the next player and missed his turn,

the green shell you can hit the back player and he doesn’t play one time,

the blue shell you can hit the fisrt player and he misses his turn

Wall:You can put the wall up to block a box.That way you can stop some players in one time

Ice:A big ice is used to freezze all players two times,

a small ice is used to freeze a player one time

Tornado:You can use for all players to go back 2 boxes

Shield:You use to protect yourself from being hit

Glue:You can stick a player and he moves half the amount of his dice roll

Pichaxe:You use it to bring back the  next player back to you

Canon:With a canon you can go to box number 5

Super plant:You can double the number in your dice roll

Rainbow:You can go to box number 4


Rainbow boy

Rainbow girl

Boy with wago

Girl with wago


Bicycle is a good way to travel, economical and
ecological respectful of the environment. Cycling offers good
physical condition and health. The history of cycling is long. Not
there is no specific inventor of the bicycle, nor a specific one
date of its invention. Perhaps one of his ancestors is
construction of ‘draisienne’ by Carl von Dries in 1817 which of course he does not have
nothing to do with the shape of the bike as we know it today. The
basic parts of the bike are the frame, the handlebars, the chain and the

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a board game that you must finish without the snake eats you.

You start from number 1 until number 31 but the board game has some traps but and some ladders that help you to finish without the snake eats you but some ladders are traps and go you down.

You can play this board game with your friends.

Mission VNG: Sing or dare?

In this game, you have to move as many places as the dice says. There are 20 squares, 10 blue and 10 red. In each blue square there are different words and you have to make an imaginary song with that word. In each red box, there is a dare that you have to do. If you don’t sing a song or don’t do the dare you have to go five squares back. The one who finishes first is the bravest and cleverest winner! You can play this game everywhere because the only thing you need is a dice and the cartoon with the squares You can play it with your friends and family it will be fun!!!

Piano or Saxophone??

My favourite musical instruments are the piano and the saxpophone. I like the saxophone because I think it is an easy musical intrument to play and I like the piano because I practise my fingers. When I grow up I want to be a Music teacher or a Maths teacher. I started learning how to play the piano at the age of nine and I love it. I believe that I will get a degree if I continue. I got hooked on the saxophone this year and I love it, too. I love the sound it makes and I think it is my style. I like classical music, jazz and pop. I play classical music on my piano and jazz and pop on my saxophone. I prefer the saxophone a little bit more because it is easier to carry around. What do you think? A saxophone or a piano?