KEDU Senior D (B1)

Summer holiday

It was a hot and sunny summer day as emma and her family sailed out of the harbour and went on vocation to relax on the boat her parents and grandmother came in.

When they arived emma fell down and hit her leg a little because she stumbled on her suitcase.

Her mum cured it but it hurt a lot but then it pussed.In the end they went to the hotel.Emma gell asleep and passed her


Once upon a time, a group of three friends went on a camping trip to a forest. A girl named Coraline decided they had to sleep there because the forest was so dark, the others said that there was no problem because it was going to be darker and scarier if they slept there. Coraline started to argue with them and then they agreed to sleep in the forest. At about 03:15 am the two girls of the group named Kate and Sara woke up at a girl singing, they saw that Coraline was not there, the voice was coming from the dark forest. She followed the voice and she saw Coraline singing and looking at nothing….then she turned to look at Kate that was the first girl that didn’t want to stay in the forest with a scary look and said ”Look she didn’t want us to stay here, she didn’t want me to see you” and then looked back where she was first looking and kept singing. Kate was scared of Coraline’s look and of what she said and started running back with Sara to the tent and tried to find their phones to call the police. They were shocked when they heard the singing out of the tent. Coraline said ”here there are ” and got in the tent and again with a creepy look, looked at them and said ”What are you girls doing come with me, come to meet my friend”. The girls asked her which friend and she got out of the tent and started crying and saying, ”come, she is going to kill me, come please…come” then she got a rock and started hitting her head as hard as she could while singing the same song. The girls started screaming, Coraline looked at the girls that were screaming and running and said ”she is going to be with you forever, u didn’t meet her…” and then died. Her friends after that day every night at 03:14 am hear the same song…


The sky was getting dark as I walked slowly back to the hotel but then the lights switched off and I didn’t see anything. Then I opened my phone and I saw it was Friday the 14th at 9:00 o’clock.

So I was scared but I finally started going to the hotel. I started walking to the hotel but then I saw red-eyes in the dark so I start running towards the hotel, but the eye was coming faster towards me so I entered a random house. I told the man who has the house that I saw red-eyes on the street so I walked into their house here to be safe. The man didn’t believe me and start laughing, so I left the house and started running thinking the red-eyes would never findnd me.

When I was running I realized that I was in the hotel but the eye caught me and was holding a knife, so at that moment I realized I was going to die, but then I woke up and went fast to my mom and my dad and I told them that I died and they started laughing at me because I was crying and screaming, but they told me that I saw a dream.

In the end, I never go out on Friday the 13th because I think this was a bad day.


Thanks for read, bye!!!

Argiris Doukarellis


Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane, ship or other means with or without luggage, and can be one way or round trip. Travel can also include relatively short stays between successive movements as in the case of tourism.

Summer holiday

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. Before this, they had a difficult time. Emma had lost her passport and it wasn’t in their house.

They got into the car, after they thought where they had gone before. Fortunately, they had started to prepared early. First, they went at Emma’s mom home, because they remembered that they were going for two days there and she had showed it at her dad.  After a lot of try, they found the passport and they ran for the harbour. The ship wasn’t there, but after 40 minutes arrived and they started their trip for California.

When they arrived there, they had a good time. They sleeped at a luxury, which had poul, they ate at a restaurant and they went a lot of walks.

It was a very good experience and they forgot the bad time which they had before.


It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. It was a beautiful afternoon the sea was calm when suddenly appeared a big dark cloud. They realised that a big storm was about to start.

In just a few minutes the storm started. The wind and the rain made the sea go crazy! Big waves started hitting the boat so hard, they were trying to hold on do they wouldn’t fall off the boat. Unfortunately, her dad lost his balance and fell into the sea and was batting to stay afloat. Emma dived in the water to save her dad.

Then they sailed back in the harbour safe and happy that their adventure was over. Emma was so proud and happy that she saved her own dad!

My daily routine in quarantine

All people find quarantine annoying but they don’t know how good is.My daily life routine in quarantine is simple but I try to spend my time creatively.

When I wake up I start and get ready for the online lessons that I have for school. After when I finish I usually have activities like English lesson. Then I do my exercises I have for school and English.I usually relax by painting and listening to music. Then I can go for a walk with my bike having sent a message of course to exercise and get some fresh air then I go home and take a bath and lie down to sleep.

This was a day of my daily life in quarantine not all the days are like that but they are about the same.


The scary falls

Well, in 1968, lived in a small wooden house in a beautiful quiet village in Canada, four children with their grandmother. One day in school, when they did theatrical education and their teacher read a book, she said for a god, Heno, who live next to Niagara Falls.The book for Heno said that if you go to do harm in animals and plants around from the lake before the waterfall, the god will attack you with his animals and  the fire, the wind and the water. But, the childrens didn’t believe in that and they tried to go there. The next day, the three boys went to their sister to told her to went there but she scaried and they decided to went alone, without to ask their grandmoter. One boy from they was very lively and he climbed on a tree to went near the lake. As in all, the god harmed he and his brothers, throwing them in dangerous waters. When someone tried to found them and he didn’t know the story, died.

Emma’s adnenture!!

It was a hot and sunny summer’s day as Emma and her family sailed out of the harbour. It was early afternoon and it was hot but there was a light breeze. They were excited and really for their voyage. The sea was calm and everying seemed perfect. As they were sailing suddenly the weather changed and it started raining and a strong wind started blowing.

Emma and her family were very scared. The boat began to rock and Emma’s brother hit his leg. He couldn’t walk but they couldn’t go back because they were for from the harbour . Fortunately, the sea started to calm down and slowly the rain stopped and soon the sun was out again.

They even saw an amazing rainbow and this was just what they needed to feel relieved  and safe. The captain turned the boat and they  headed back to the harbour to take Emma’s brother to hospital. He was in pain but Emma and her family tried to cheer him up.

They even saw some dolphins and Emma’s brother completely forgot his pain and enjoyed the moment. It was an unforgot able experience!!!

Holiday problem

One summer I went on holiday with my friends. We went to the ocean and then we went for food. I sat in the sun for a long time and I got burned. The next day when we got on the bus to leave one of my friends had lost her phone and we went back

Holiday problems

The holidays which you would never want to have

Τhis year, in summer, we started to go for holidays. Well, two days before our holidays, i had did stitches in my hand and i wasn’ t so exiting. When we had arrived in the middle of the route for the airport,  i realized that i didn’t have my phone in my hands and i started to looking for that, until i remembered that i had forgotten it at my home and we went at home for my phone. When we went to the airport, we saw the airplane to took off and we bought other tickets. Finally, we went for holidays. This place it was a very big town and such as everyone, we got lost. Also, when we tried to looked the right route, the car broke down, but in the end, we found a man and he helped us with all. But this holidays were the worst of all!!!


So as we all know we are getting quarantined AGAIN! A lot of people don’t like this, but there are some weirdos that do like it. As you realise I don’t like it.

Staying 24 hours a day home, sleeping and in front of our computers or our mobile phones isn’t the best. I get bored easily, I like going out every day with my friends and playing Hide & Seek, football, ride our bikes etc. Also, I used to practise skating every day for about 2 hours and now I can’t do it. Maybe these are nothing but the worst hasn’t come yet… ONLINE LESSONS!!!!!!

This is the most difficult part for me, maybe you think “oh come on you just stay in front of a screen and listen”, NO! there are so many problems behind this, my eyes are going to hurt because I’m going to stay in front of the computer for many hours, there are going to be so many connection problems and stuff like that, so I can hardly understand the lesson.

I’m really going to miss the outside life and all the things I used to do out! I REALLY HATE CORONA VIRUS!