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Millions of people  arwe starving,despite the world  producing more than enough to feed everyone.What can we do about it?!


Econolic growth has long been seen as the key to reducing hunger.More trade,financial liberalization and open markets should aid the flow of food,of which there is no overall shortage.Successful poverty reduction in China has led some economist to predict there will be no more  hungry people there by 2020.


Huge gain could be available for health and agricultural productivite if the promises of genetic modufication  can be believed.Gene-spicing crops to help them withstand drought and floot may be vital.Pigs and chikens could have their digestive system altered so that they eat food not required by humans,and pollute the environment less

Dealling with the problem of homelessness.

Homelessness is defined as living in housing that is below the minimum standards or lacks secure tenure. This is a really serious problem all over the world, that’s why it’s a global issue. For various reasons millions of people don’t have a house to live and they suffer from homelessness. But the question is: How we can help those people?
To begin with, we can donate money to charities. To give an example funds are used to open homeless shelters. As a result, homeless people would have a safe and caring place to go.
Additionally, the government assists with paying the rent for people who cant afford it. For instance, people on low incomes can get assistance. Consequently, homeless people could afford a place to live in.
Lastly, we can organize job training schemes. For example, help homeless people to find work. Therefore fewer people become homeless.
In conclusion, I firmly believe that tackling the problem of the homeless is not impossible. We can all share the responsibility, and we have to take action now!

Strange Christmas Eve!!!

Last Saturday morning , 25th December, I woke up very late, around 12 o’clock, and I was feelling very strange but I didn’t know the reason!!! Anyway, I brushed my teeth and I got dressed. Then I made my bed, I opened my window and it was the time to go downstairs. While I was going down I was hearing loud voices but I thought that they were from outside. Curiously, they were from downstairs and I wanted to discover whose they were. When I got down I saw all my family going from here to there and I don’t mean  my dad, my mum and my brother only. I also mean my uncles, my aunts, my grandmothers, my grandfathers and my cousins!!! I was very confused because this year the celebration of Christmas is different and everyone must celebrate with his family due to Covid -19! My mum and my aunts were cooking, my father and my uncles were trying to put some music and my grandparents were talking each other whereas all them were trying to kiss me and tell me “Merry Xmas” but I had to keep the neseccary distances, so I was trying to avoid them. Everything seemed like every year but it should be different this year because of Covid – 19. Suddenly, I heard a loud voice and I woke up. I realized that it was only a dream. While I was thinking on the one hand my dream and on the other hand that this year’s Christmas everything will be different I didn’t want to be sad because my opinion is that this year’s Christmas will be better because it will be a chance to differentiate a lot of things, to treasure other things like our family, love in general!!! This is the real meaning of Christmas. So, Happy Christmas to everyone and don’t forget to pass creative time with your family!!!

Summer holiday

It was a hot and sunny summer day as emma and her family sailed out of the harbour and went on vocation to relax on the boat her parents and grandmother came in.

When they arived emma fell down and hit her leg a little because she stumbled on her suitcase.

Her mum cured it but it hurt a lot but then it pussed.In the end they went to the hotel.Emma gell asleep and passed her

The scary woman

On day on the 31 October a little boy Jim was returning to his home. He went to a shop with his mum to buy a costume for the Halloween. Whili he and his mum were returning at home Jim saw a woman watching them from a big house. The woman was dressed like a witch and the house was very scary. After three hours it was the time when the children were dressed and they were going from house to house and they were telling people trick or treat. Jim went with his friends for trick or treat. After a lot of time Jim and his friends went to the scary house. When the old woman opened the door they were sceared a lot. They started running. The woman was studying there watching them and she was very surprised by their mysterious behaviour.

Gingerbread Cookie House!!!

Hello guys!!! Hou are you? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about a sweet creation my family and I did yesterday: a gingerbread cookie house! It is a house made with biscuits and we firmed them all together in the form of a house with a cream called “royal icing”. It is a delicious dessert with a lot of wonderful smells of the ginger, of the gillyflower, etc. But when you manage to make it, you can’t eat it because you have dedicated so many hours that you only use it for decoration. It is one of the best chances to pass some creative time with your family but this recipe emits a lot anxiety because it is very difficult first of all to succeed in the measures of the different sides of the house so that it can be firmed but above all it is very difficult to firm all the sides together. But when you see the result you would think that it worths it. So, I highly recommend it to you and I hope you will try to do it.

                                      HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!

sport event at my school

Hi Fouli

How are you? I am writing you to discribe about the sport event of my school. Every March just before the school closes for the East we organise the race (three feet). In the school teachers of physical education tie a foot of a child with the foot of other child and they run together.We compete with other schools and at the end school have  a lot of snacks and some soft drinks.

I feel very excited because it’s so cool 😊 and I feel very happy because my school always win.

Write back soon

Johny L. 🤓🤓🤓🤓


Once upon a time, a group of three friends went on a camping trip to a forest. A girl named Coraline decided they had to sleep there because the forest was so dark, the others said that there was no problem because it was going to be darker and scarier if they slept there. Coraline started to argue with them and then they agreed to sleep in the forest. At about 03:15 am the two girls of the group named Kate and Sara woke up at a girl singing, they saw that Coraline was not there, the voice was coming from the dark forest. She followed the voice and she saw Coraline singing and looking at nothing….then she turned to look at Kate that was the first girl that didn’t want to stay in the forest with a scary look and said ”Look she didn’t want us to stay here, she didn’t want me to see you” and then looked back where she was first looking and kept singing. Kate was scared of Coraline’s look and of what she said and started running back with Sara to the tent and tried to find their phones to call the police. They were shocked when they heard the singing out of the tent. Coraline said ”here there are ” and got in the tent and again with a creepy look, looked at them and said ”What are you girls doing come with me, come to meet my friend”. The girls asked her which friend and she got out of the tent and started crying and saying, ”come, she is going to kill me, come please…come” then she got a rock and started hitting her head as hard as she could while singing the same song. The girls started screaming, Coraline looked at the girls that were screaming and running and said ”she is going to be with you forever, u didn’t meet her…” and then died. Her friends after that day every night at 03:14 am hear the same song…


The sky was getting dark as I walked slowly back to the hotel but then the lights switched off and I didn’t see anything. Then I opened my phone and I saw it was Friday the 14th at 9:00 o’clock.

So I was scared but I finally started going to the hotel. I started walking to the hotel but then I saw red-eyes in the dark so I start running towards the hotel, but the eye was coming faster towards me so I entered a random house. I told the man who has the house that I saw red-eyes on the street so I walked into their house here to be safe. The man didn’t believe me and start laughing, so I left the house and started running thinking the red-eyes would never findnd me.

When I was running I realized that I was in the hotel but the eye caught me and was holding a knife, so at that moment I realized I was going to die, but then I woke up and went fast to my mom and my dad and I told them that I died and they started laughing at me because I was crying and screaming, but they told me that I saw a dream.

In the end, I never go out on Friday the 13th because I think this was a bad day.


Thanks for read, bye!!!

Argiris Doukarellis


The first time I saw the word self-awareness I didn’t know what it really meant or what it actually is. After I searched on google and youtube and saw some videos, I learned that self-awareness is the ability that people feel confident with themselves. The important thing with that is that you can manage your thoughts, emotions, and fears than allowing them to control you. Also, another important thing about self-awareness is the improvement of our emotions and actions in a state of being better.

I was really shocked

man lying down

I was walking in my neighbourhood when I saw a man collapse on the ground. I was freezing. I start running for help. Some meters away, I found a chemist shop and  I went inside. I couldn’t catch my breath. Then I said to the people there what happened and we went to help the man. I heard a deafening noise, and the ambulance came and took the man. I was really embarrassed. Finally, we took the man back home.

Christmas is loading!!!

Hello guys! How are you? I hope you’re well!!! Either you have understood it or not Christmas is loading!!! I know that this Christmas will be less festal for a lot of people! I know that happiness has gone for a lot of people! I know that we have just bad memories from this year! This year  was a really terrible year for everyone. It’s very difficult to admit it, but we all know that the majority of families has at least one lost life in its social circle. And I know that this is very distressing and we can’t do anything for that. But what we can do is leave everything behind and let this tragedy be a lesson for us. This year’s Christmas will definitely be different because we have to keep distances and wear masks and we can’t organize a Christmas or a New Year’s Eve party. We must stay inside. However, happiness is still around us but these bad memories are trying to throw it away but we mustn’t let this continue. We mustn’t let the bad memories “ruine” the coming year. We must fight against that and we can win. We can celebrate Christmas but everyone with his family!!! So, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!