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There was a family one day that they disaided to at the mall.so they got to the mall and started shopping. They shopped lots of things.After that they went to a cafeteria and they ate ice cream with cake

Hi Simon, This Saturday…

Hi Simon,

This Saturday we will go to the cinema and I am sending you this email about the time that we will meet and the place. We can meet in the park near the school at 6 o’clock because the film starts at 7 o’clock. My sister asked me to come with us and I agreed.I will wait you in the park.


love Thomas.

A big change

It was a sweet girl, who lived in a big city. She was a grown girl  and she decided to change her style. Well, one day she thought to go on mall with her parents and buy some new clothes.The time has come. She was standing in front of these stores. Her wish came true. Later, the girl wore the new clothes for a walk.

An email to Simon

Hi my friend,

I think it’s the time to spend some minutes to talk about the walk to the cinema, that we want so much. Well, it is better to meet you a time after we finish our homework and on a place that we both know. I believe we can meet at the park, where we go every day. At 7:00 o’ clock on Saturday it’s great. Also, my brother is crazy for the cinema and that day he has his birthday. It’ s an opportunity to do a surprise for him.

Write back and tell me if this is a good idea.

Your friend,


“Public protection”

   The use of surveillance cameras have become commonly used and it has affected our lifestyles. They can been seen very often in shops,schools,banks,hotels and even in private houses.

   Nevertheless,the use of cameras in today’s society has lead to a lot of people’s concerns. Most people do not feel comfortamble with cameras around them just because every move they do is monitored. Another reason is their privacy which is violated. For instance employees may feel like they are not trusted or reliable which is not good for a workplace.

   On the opposite side,people believe that surveillance cameras are nessecary and important for their safety. Without a doubt they protect the public by criminal activity. By doing this robberies are reduced and create a safe environment too. Clearly people feel safer knowing they are protected.

   As a final point, I would agree that surveillance cameras offer a sense of protection and is well worth some sacrifice of privacy in public places.

“Charity work”

   Plenty of people are going through difficult situations such as poverty,homelessness and unemployement.

   Fortunately, there are charity organisations and volunteers who are trying to find ways so they can assist people who are living with these difficulties. Many people help by joining charitable organisations or raise money and volunteers are doing their best in order to meet the growing need more volunteers and raise more money to help other communities who need their help.

   To put it another way, people who want to offer their help do not have much time whether this is due to obligations and other factors. Nowadays people are searching for volunteering opputunities that they can help online by writing emails or making websites for charitable organisations and newsletters too. It may seem impossible to provide assistance this way but if we think that these small actions can have good effect to a person we will understand that is not impossible. In other words, technology has envolved so if we can take advantage of it we will see that is more easy than we thought by searching for online organisations.

   It is clear that government is not the only one who can assist these people. We can all help them by small actions because any help can make a difference.


Graffiti is the art of writing or drawing on a wall. Wall paintings existed since ancient times. I think that graffiti is a kind of art. Many public walls or other surfaces of public buildings are decorated with graffiti.

Although graffiti is recognized as a forum of Public art, in many countries painting on public property without permission is legal and could be punished as a crime. My opinion is that when people use paints, colors and fantasy they make art. But they have to respect the property of other people and of force they can’t express their political views in public locations.

Sometimes a graffiti artist chooses to hide his identity and expresses his views undercover. I think that this is not good because art is something beautiful and nobody can’t use it without accepting the responsibility.

Public protection

Nowadays the technology is developing rapidly, so fast that accomplish to create cameras. This invention is an aspect of surveillance that allows to people to prevent an accident or a crime activity.

Both of texts are in favour that cameras are at every public places to protect the public from suspicious situations for instead vandalism or theft.The first text maintains that the surveillance cameras have the benefit to record every people’s movement or suspicious situations and this material is saved. Moreover if someone do something strange or illegal the cameras will record it and he would captured on the film. Also cameras make the public feel safe and realise that the surveillance cameras keeping being active. The second text express that cameras is not in every places to invade in our personal life but to prevent a criminal activity or an accident. Furthermore there are security analytics that can raise alarms before a crime or accident even start.

These opinions are right and significant because with the camera’s valid evidences the criminals are discouraged and there is a less range of vandalism or theft.The first text is clearly saying that cameras are protecting the public from doubted behaviours and as a result a big number of the factors of these activities have stopped. Including the second text maintains that the primary of the law is the surveillance and safety of the public and this is a good start of the struggle against criminal activity.

Without a doubt the surveillance cameras making the world more safe and the public feels more comfortable but also making the public to afraid these devices. In conclusion the people are safer right now with cameras and all these security networks but the technology have to developing more and more its devises for the public to be one hundred percent safe and not afraid to walk on the streets.

Is graffiti a form of art?

Many people believe that graffiti isn’t a form of art and that it isn’t a legal action. In my opinion, I disagree because nowadays graffiti is a way of expression.

Graffiti is art because with this people can express their feelings and emotions. For example, they can draw images that decorate a street.

In addition, many people use graffiti to influence other people’s beliefs. For instance, they can raise awareness about an environmental issue.

On the other hand, graffiti can also be considered as art that vandalizes public and private properties.  Therefore, I strongly believe that street artists must ask for permission if they want to exhibit their work in public places.

In conclusion, graffiti can’t be referred to as a vandalism act but it isn’t right to damage someone’s property without permission. If graffiti is a form of art or an act of vandalism depends on the artist.

Global charity work and Virtual volunteering

Many people are living in difficult situations globally. More and more communities around the world have a range of problems such as poverty, unemployment and other issues that are a hardship for those people. Both of texts supporting this idea with a variety of reasons that make us to help those communities.

So the first text speaking about the help that many people need. Also implicate some ways for us to help by joining charitable organisations or raise money but the authorities are reluctant to support and because of that speaking about the volunteers that doing their upmost to help the others.On the hand the second text says that some people who wants to help but don’t have any time can help through internet platforms or writing newsletters. However the skills that a lot of people have on internet will play an significant role in order to write newsletters and donate money.

Both of texts are right about the results and the consequences that can bear some help from all of us to the communities that living in hard conditions. For instance if people raise money or write encouraging posts or articles for the helpless, poor or people that accept racism will all contribute and change our culture in the future. This idea assisting the second text but a familiar believe assisting and the first text. It says that the volunteer’s work is worthwhile and not giving up despite the difficulties.

In my point of view all the ideas are right and paramount. I would like rather if people would starting thinking reasonable and give a boost for this struggle and contribute to make our cultures or mindset better.


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