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email from mr.potter.

Mr.potter,its a very good idea to do a theater with tragedies.In fact i thought of doing it on saturday and evening already so that everything is guiter and ends at 1.00.

I point out what we plan this theatrical to style in our email so that people can see it.Now i do not know about the suits but i got ready the girls to wear all black suit.waiting to see what you will tell me.

Ms Potter

Dear  Mr Potter

I would prefer it to take place in the afternoon because more people will come.

You can place an ad on the radiο.Also you can  give leaflets to homes or schools. The costumes you will make are from the old days.

                                                                            Please reply soon



harry potter

Good evening mrs.potter,i totaly agree with what you are saying.So since we are going to play tragedies,i was prepared to do it on saturday.elong too see her you will tell me.👱‍♀️👱‍♂️😎😎

Ms Potter

I would prefer it to take place in the afternoon because more people will come.

You can place an ad on the radiο.

Also you can  give leaflets to homes or schools.

to give leaflets to homes or schools.

Ms potter.

Hello ms potter

I agree that we have to make some final plans for the end of the year and I am sure it will be a great success.

I prefer the evening because I have lessons to do in the afternoon.

I think making a blog is a good idea.

Maybe costumes with wings.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


an email

hey Mr Potter,

I agree that the drama performance will be great. I think that is better to do the performance in the afternoon than in the evening because those hours will come more people than we have already planned. I believe that we can advertise our show on Facebook and Instagram. I will do a page on Facebook and in Instagram. we can prepare costumes like our performance. I think that it will be great.


An email to Ms Potter

Dear  Ms Potter

I agree to make a drama performance and I have an idea for the subject of the drama.

About this question I think its better to do an afternoon show,because when we do the show at the evening peoples don’t come.

We can send message to the parents ,but we don’t have time .We can stick posters to come and other peoples.

I think we can lent some costume from a shop  or we can buy them .

Write me back soon!

A Student


Email: Pzekios@gmail.com

From:Panos Z

Subject: photography club

Dear Mr Jones

I believe that it is a very good idea to start an after scool photography club

because it will be a great opportunity for people who are interested in it,

to have a chance to learn, more about photography and work with something

they love.

I prefer the meeitings to be at the library.

I think we should go somewhere in the middle of the town ehere we can find

beautiful buildingw, or near the sea or at the green parks.

I would be interested to learn technical and artistic skills.

I can’t wait for the photography club to strart.


Online stores

The last years the number of online stores is increasing rapidly and continuously such as the number of their customers. They have a lot of very important benefits, but they have some drawbacks, too.
The main disadvantages of them are that there are some fraud- stores that never bring the ordered product to you, or even stealing the pin of your credit card (but you can avoid these shops, if you look for them carefully) and that you have not personal contact with some employee in order to explain you about the use and the quality of what that you want to buy.
The main advantages of them are that someone can look for the same product in a lot of online stores comparing its price, the distance of the store from him and the quality of it (of the store) and finally choosing a shop to buy it. Also, you can find some very high sales in a lot of things and ordering sth and the store bring it to your home.
Online shops have developed a lot in the last years (specially in quarantine time). I believe that their benefits are more and most important than their drawbacks.

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality is one of many problems that our society faces. Gender Inequality is a really important issue that we have to find solutions to. It is really unfair that women are less paid and men are paid 23% more than women are. This one is the main problem. We can’t really figure out because of the gender the hard work that is done. For instance, a woman is working harder than a man and more hours and her salary is still lower. It is unfair that our society is only thinking that men can do many jobs and work harder just because of the gender. That is exactly what has to change. Women should have the same rights as men. The payment must be the same and not different because one person is a female and not a male. To sum up, women should be more respected and solutions about gender Inequality should be found.

Jacob’s wrong

Jacob look at the map and decided to go west. He started to go ,but it was very foggy .He listened some noisies he was scared ,but he continued.

Suddenly a whale broke a part of the ship,he started going back quickly but, the whale jumped over the ship and she distroyed it.Jacob found a wood and he went up.After a day he found land,he quickly went there.He found a lake and he drunk water.After he went find food,he found coconutes  and ate them.

Fortunately, his ship had a system and send a messenge for help.A ship found his ship and went on to find him.They found the land and him too.He was very happy because he was safe now.

One story

Jacob looked at the map andndecided to go west 

when he arrived he found a chest of eggs he began to wonder

because he has eggs then a fox threw and told him not to catch them

because they are cursed and he left

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