Exam levels

What Lesvos means to me

Even though Mytilene wasn’t the place I was born, it means so much to me. Here was my first time I went to school and made friends. Here was the first time I hang out only with my friends without parents. Here was the first I went to  a club and stay out till midnight. Mytilene was the place that I made my first memories that I still remember. Although, the most important place in Lesvos for me is my village, Vatera. I used to go there since I was 2. There I made the best memories of my whole life. Me and friends, when we were little, we took our bikes and explore the whole village together everyday. I always had an amazing time there and I think that explains why it’s my favourite place in Lesvos.

Using mobile phones on public transport

Dear mayor,
I recently read an article online about a new law banning cell phones on all public transport. I would like to tell you my opinion about this situation. I believe that cell phones are very important in our daily routine. Of course, the fact that we use public transportation for most of the day to go to work or to school, so it’s important to have with us our cell phones for lots of reasons.

Initially, anyone may need to call us at any time because they may want to tell us something important that has happened or just ask us where we are or what we are doing. Also when we travel with public transportation we have time to listen to music to play games and to read the news on internet so we need our cell phones to have fun and don’t get bored and when we talk on the phone we don’t speak loud we talk normally and wear headphones so as not to disturb the others who are next to us.

With all these examples I believe that cell phones are important in all our daily routine and of course in public transportation.

Yours faithfully,

Mike V.


Dear Mayor,

The reason I’m writing to you is that I wanted to tell my opinion, Its about the new law.

In my point of view what you’re doing its not right. I’m thinking that you should ban this law and about the fight in the bus could happen and with his phone in his pocket, he could listen to loud music in his headphones and could upset someone. What I’m trying to say is that there’s no difference at all if someone has is phone out of his pocket or not.

We can take it and in a different way. A lot of people do their work threw their phones and sometimes in their way to work or home, with that law they won’t be able to do it. Also nowadays when people get bored they play games on their phones, they could also read a message either sending one. that id important and what if someone wants to get his phone out to call or accept a call, on the other hand, he could want to change the song that he is listening to.

In my opinion, you should let people use their phones while they are on the public because there are a lot of things to do that need to do.

With your understabding,
Stratos Koutouktsis

The toughest year of them all

I have to say that 2020 has been a tough year till now. We all thought that it was going to be a brilliant year but instead it startedwith fires in Australia.In the begging of January strong fires spread all over Australia’s forests.Nearly 3 billion animals died or were injured. Not only animals but humans too, 28 people died and over 200 people lost their homes from the fire crisis.     Then on the 26th of January we lost a legend from this life Kobe Bryant the king of basketballand his little daughter Gianna Bryant at the ages of 41 and 13 years old. They were on their way to a basketball game at the Mamba sports academy in Thousand Oaks when all of a sudden their helicplter crashed. While the cause of the crash has yet to be found , new evidence shows that the ppilot seemed to have been disorient by the weather conditions.    After those loses we all thought that the war was over but it wasn’t. A global pandemic hit us, Coronavirus.Covid-19 is a deadly disease that has the same symptoms as a common fly. Doctors from all over the world haven’t found the right treatment to cure people. We are forced to wear masks and keep a distance from each other. We don’t know how to protect ourselves at this point.     Last but not least we have an innocent man’s death due to by his skin colour.George Floyd died from suffocation caused by a ” white officers” knee. Derek Chauvin put his knee between his head and knee and left hin in that position for about 10 minutes. His death started a lot of protests all over the world.It started the BLM ( black lives matter) movement.    So many people lost their lves but still 2020 isn’t over over. I hope 2021 will be a much better year !

The church of Laç

The church of Laç is in Albania. There is a big place for parking. When you walk inside you will see Jesus when he was a child. Near the parking is a souvenir shop. On your left you see some pictures of all the saints. When the pictures finish there is the church.

Inside the church there are many seats and pictures on the walls. We stayed inside for half an hour. From the shop outside we had bought candles and made a wish.

I really enjoyed my trip to Albania visiting my relatives and friends and can’t wait to go again next summer.

Alexandra A.


Hi Mr Mike,
My holidays were amazing, I went to Molyvos, I was there with my family.

There’re a lot of things that I can say that were amazing but the most one was parachuting, so one day me and one friend of mine thought that it was a great idea to go and so we went to the hotel with that water sport to trie it out. We were standing next to each other and the boat started to go away so we can get off the ground. While we were in the sky it was AMAZING. It was like I had the ability to fly, I’ll never forget something like that.

Some other highlights are that me and my friends did a sleepover and we’re gonna do another one, I learned how to do a backflip and I made my frontflip better. Also, I went cycling which contended drops, jumps, getting up a hill and getting down one and a lot of wheeles and endos.

This summer is amazing despite coronavirus and the great part is that it’s not even finished.
See you soon,
Stratos k.


One of my favourite summer hobbies is drawing. I have painted many paintings with different themes such as animals,faces and flowers. But my favorite theme to paint is landscapes. While I paint a landscape I try to paint it as vividly as I can to give myself the feeling that I am there.
When I’m sad I start painting to forget the reason that I’m sad. That ‘s why drawing for me is a way to take my mind off the real life and travel in the magic world of colours.I believe that drawing is an enormous piece of my life and I can’ t imagine my life without drawing.

My new house in Evriaki.

This summer, we came to my new house in Evriaki. It is next to Ariadne hotel and next to the bay of Gera. I swim every day. It is so cool! My house is very big inside and outside. We have a big garden, a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and four living rooms. Outside, the colors are red and yellow, and inside is yellow and white. My room’s colors are orange and green. I love it. My sister’s room and mine are my favorite rooms. A few days ago, we brought our cat Lousi. I love my new summer house and is more beautiful than my house in Mytilene.


Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well!!! So, today I’m going to talk about the ideal neighbourhood that I live in! The people who live in it, my neighbours, are kind – hearted and that’s what’s making my neighbourhood unique! First of all, the best for me, are the kind and happy kids who are playful and they always stand by you and make you laugh even though you’re sad. My best friend is George who lives next door. Sometimes I bring bac to my mind the first day my family and I moved to our new neighbourhood. At first, I didn’t want to live here, but I made new friends immediately. Every Saturday, when we finish our homework we all go to the park in our neighbourhood and we play different games. We always have lots of fun! Now, as I said before, the grown – ups are kind – hearted and hospitable. When you go to their house they always have something to treat you! So, this is my neighbourhood, these are the kind – hearted people and of course the playful kids! I hope you liked it and see you soon!!!

Summer Holidays!

Hello guys! How are things going? I hope you’re well!!! Today I want to talk about my summer holidays. First of all, my summer holidays were lots fun! A first, we were swimming every day at a beach near our house, at the airport. It was very hot!!! This continued for one week and on 23rd July my brother and I we went to Agiasos, my grandmother’s village, and we stayed there about two weeks. The climate there was better because all day there was a gentle wind and in the evening the wind was strong and sometimes it was very cold. But my holidays in Agiasos weren’t very exciting because I haven’t got any friends there so I was always to be with my grandmother and sometimes without my brother because he has some friends there and he was often with them. When we came back to Mytilene we all decided to tour the island so we could have more fun! We visited a lot of places like Molyvos, Ancient Adissa, Vatera, Nifida, Chonia, Hrisi Ammos and many more beautiful places like these. Generally, my summer hlodays were a lot fun and I saw many secret places. Now I’m looking forward to see you again!!!

My summer holidays

Hi Mr Mike,

Three weeks ago I went with my family on a trip to Budapest in the capital of Hungry we had decided to go on a trip this summer a long time ago.

We were four people: my dad, my mum and my little sister. We started from Mytilini we took a plane to Athens where we had 4 hours to wait and then we went to Budapest. We stayed there for about two weeks in an Airbnb.

We actually did lot’s of things like we saw Dounavis river maybe the biggest river in Europe. We went to a zoo and I saw animals that I have never seen before. Also, we visited a large shopping centre and we ate food from McDonald’s, KFC and pizza hut that was delicious. But for me, the best part of the trip was when we went to a big waterpark with lots of scary and interesting waterslides and indoor pools, we stayed there all day and we had an amazing time.

I loved these holidays and I would like to visit this place again.

See you soon,

Mike V.