Kolbice by sausages (Street food)

Small grilled sausages are in a cone – shaped bread with sauces and extras. Some of the toppings you can put are cheese sauce, you can ask for additional roasted onion, bacon, cabbage and all in one.

After their succes, Kobe created more type of bread. The original cone bread is covered with linseed and whole grain cone bread with chian seed. The price depends on the number of the sausages and the toppings, the average cost is around 2000 HUF.

And more shapes. The tasty sausages can be ordered in a bun, baguette or without any bread. Chek out the website of Kode Sausages for the selection.

Koblise is a very popular streed food, so you can find them in many places. On a festival, a Kobe truck is always there with a big queue.

They have a store in Dohany street, the market in Hold street, the Great Market Hall and at Karavan Street Food in Kazincy street. For the exact locations and opening hours visit their website.


There was a family one day that they disaided to at the they got to the mall and started shopping. They shopped lots of things.After that they went to a cafeteria and they ate ice cream with cake

Hi Simon, This Saturday…

Hi Simon,

This Saturday we will go to the cinema and I am sending you this email about the time that we will meet and the place. We can meet in the park near the school at 6 o’clock because the film starts at 7 o’clock. My sister asked me to come with us and I agreed.I will wait you in the park.


love Thomas.

A carnival recipe

500 gr self-raising flour

1/2 cup of butter

1/2 cup of sugar

4-5 eggs

1/4 cup of milk


Beat the butter in the mixer, add the sugar and the eggs. After beating for 3 min, add the self-raising flour, the milk and the vanilla. Pour the mixture in a cake form and bake in the oven in 180 degrees Celcius for an hour. Let it cool down and decorate the cake with carnival decorations.



My favourite video game

My favourite video game is “Among us”. “Among us “is playing with one impostor  ( bad austronut killer) and nine Croumates (good austronuts ). Impostor always kill and say lies to the Croumates. Croumates must do  tasks, and then they  win the Impostor.

My favourite Video Game

The name of  my  video game is the Minecraft  its an adventure game.The main character of the game  are my brothers and me.We play  this game between us. We can play the game with other players too.The story of the game is built houses, pools and gardens and more other things.


The name of my video game is The Glaxy. It’s a action and fantasy game. The main character  of the game is Hermes Mars. He is a clever astronaut who visits all the planets and collects various rocks with which he can build strange buildings on earth.

A big change

It was a sweet girl, who lived in a big city. She was a grown girl  and she decided to change her style. Well, one day she thought to go on mall with her parents and buy some new clothes.The time has come. She was standing in front of these stores. Her wish came true. Later, the girl wore the new clothes for a walk.

An email to Simon

Hi my friend,

I think it’s the time to spend some minutes to talk about the walk to the cinema, that we want so much. Well, it is better to meet you a time after we finish our homework and on a place that we both know. I believe we can meet at the park, where we go every day. At 7:00 o’ clock on Saturday it’s great. Also, my brother is crazy for the cinema and that day he has his birthday. It’ s an opportunity to do a surprise for him.

Write back and tell me if this is a good idea.

Your friend,


The movie theatre festival

The movie theatre festival takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every November. It first started on the 20th of September 1960 and now over 300,000 people visit the festival every year.

The festival has competition that everyone can take place, everywhere you look you can see famous movie theatre stars and meet them. Another highlight is the there is a verity of movies to watch, horror movies, comedy, adventure movies ect.

I have never taken place at this festival but I’m looking forward to going there soon! It sounds like a thriling and unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!

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