A sport event

Dear Eva

I m really excited because we have a volleyball tournament at school . We play in teams. My team has just won the first game. I’m really happy because it is the first time my school organizes this tournament. You can come and watch the games.
Bye for now.


The journey

First we chew and swallow the burger. Then it goes down the throat and into the stomach. Acid and muscles break down the burger. The burger then moves into the small intestine.

Global warming

Have you ever wondered how and why the temperature changes? This phenomenon it’s known as ”global warning” and happens when carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases collect in the sunlight and solar radiation that can not be absorbed by the earth’s surface. Normally, this radiation should escape into space, instead of being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and make the planet getting hotter. Fortunately, this process has been out of control because of the human’s actions. This means that the temperature of the earth is much higher than nature has defined and transforms into the biggest global issue.

Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity and the transportation sector. So, governments should act around these two biggest causes. Firstly, they must create laws that obligate factories to be more environmentally friendly. For instance, funnels directly affect the volume of greenhouse gas emissions. So factories must have filters inside the funnels and make use of heat pumps which would help in the reduction of energy consumption. In other words, they should pay more attention to saving energy.

Another way in which we would help our planet is by making use of the means of transport. The global temperature has increased at the fastest in history, as the number of vehicles worldwide. It is apparent the enormous use of each person who has each one car. So, it would be better if we start taking the bus. This means that the more people make use of the means of transport such as metro, bus, tram, the less will be increased the number of cars and also the gas emissions. 

To summarize, scientists continue to find ways to be more eco-friendly as the foundation of cleaner electricity, power plants and says to burn less gasoline in driving. Global warming is an enormous problem, which would be solved by small daily actions. The challenge is to put these solutions into use and make them adopted. 

My home

My home is  medium. I like it because is a normal home like the others.


Sport event



Subject:Sports event

Hello Maria

How are you doing?I am writing to you to tell you about my favourite event. It is《catch the ball》.We can play it in a big stadium with 5 players in each team and we use a big ball. A player throw the ball with his hands and an another player must catch it. When the player catch the ball his team is the winner. This is my favourite sport!


I take a bite of a delicious pancake into my mouth. I chew my bite and i swallow it. The bite passes from mouth to throat and then into my stomach. In stomach the muscles makes the food aw liquid form. The stomach digest hold the liquid form for four or five hours. After that, goes to small intestine and breaks down as vitamins, proteins, e.c.t


Summer holiday

It was a hot and sunny summer day as emma and her family sailed out of the harbour and went on vocation to relax on the boat her parents and grandmother came in.

When they arived emma fell down and hit her leg a little because she stumbled on her suitcase.

Her mum cured it but it hurt a lot but then it pussed.In the end they went to the hotel.Emma gell asleep and passed her

The scary woman

On day on the 31 October a little boy Jim was returning to his home. He went to a shop with his mum to buy a costume for the Halloween. Whili he and his mum were returning at home Jim saw a woman watching them from a big house. The woman was dressed like a witch and the house was very scary. After three hours it was the time when the children were dressed and they were going from house to house and they were telling people trick or treat. Jim went with his friends for trick or treat. After a lot of time Jim and his friends went to the scary house. When the old woman opened the door they were sceared a lot. They started running. The woman was studying there watching them and she was very surprised by their mysterious behaviour.

my sports

Hi theppi,

how are you doing?I’ve just returned from a fabulous school event!we call it the Mytilene and it takes place every june in the stadium near our school.The day started with all the students entering the stadium holding the Mytilene flag.Then,the games started.Ther were running races,the high jump and long jump, and other Mytilene  sports.For each event there were three winners who got gold,sliver or bronze medals.I took part in the discus and came second.I felt very proud!After,there was food and soft drinks for everyone.I felt  sad when it was all over.Do you hold anything similar at your school?Write back. Rafaelia


The hobby!

I invested combines volleyball and basketball.                                                    There are five players in each team. There is a net, a hoop and a ball. You can play it indoors and outdoors. Each team throws the ball over the net and tries to put it in the hoop. They can use both hands and legs. When a team scores ten times, it wins.