The White Tower

The White Tower is a very famous building in Greece and it decorates Thessaloniki.Its cylindrical shape makes it unique.It is 33.9m tall, it has 71.3m perimeter and 22.7m diameter.The Byzantines  built it in 1535 and it was called  Lion Tower, Kalamaria fortress, Tower of the Janissaries and Blood Tower in the past.The Turkish demolished the protective wall in 1901.Many tourists visit it every year.



I am writing to express my opinion on social media and i want to say that i agree that social media are important and have a positive effect on our relationships.

People need social media to speak with their friends when they aren’t together for example after school everyone want to chat with his friend and hear his news, what he doing, where is he, with who and od course people arrange to meet up from chat also you can do a video call and don’t just typing.

Nowadays people use social media for lot’s of things like when you need some help with school you type up with your friend and ask to help you, also when you want to speak with a girl that you like you sent her a message on chat and that’s a way to start speaking with her and then arrange to meet up.

Despite those things it is important not to just speak with someone always from chat but to try hang out with him and get to know him better.

So in my opinion social media are positive on relationships and we need them for lot’s of different things

Yours faithfully


The tree building

  This building is 100 m tall. It’s a very strange building because it looks like a tree. It has 5 floors. This building is made for peace for us and for nature. Everyone likes this building in the whole world. Also, it has 10 windows. It’s one of the best buildings in history because of that it has only natural items.

The city times

Now days teenagers have the option to talk to each other online. Some of the teenagers prefer to talk face-to-face, both of this options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Texting online is easy and doesn’t take long. Whenever you are you can send a message or a Gif to a friend, you can also see if they’re online or not. The only disadvantages are that by texting online you don’t express your feelings as you would do face-to-face and sometimes online chatting can get your attention while you’re doing something important like studying.

A part of teenagers prefer to say what they want to each other face-to-face. Despite the problem of citys that everything is far from their home they find ways to meet and talk and also express their feelings with the way they talk or move their hands. The positive side of meeting with someone is that you have the ability to do something together, the negative part is that the weather could be bad and don’t let you do what you want

In my opinion teenagers have to find a way to combine them because both of the options have very good advantages despite their disadvantages.

My fantastic building <>

The funscraper is a big building with a lot of windows and floors. The building is in Athens, Greece. It is very tall it is 250 m. Inside it has two big shopping malls, ten offices, two big rooms for playing video games and twenty fun fairs for this it is named funscraper. The funscraper is unique because it has a lot of shapes!!!


Dear Editor


Social media have many advantages sush as you can see a lot of photos of your friends, you can inform for a lot of  news and you can chat with your friends.

For example if you go for a walk, you can share photos to your friends (and they can like the photo or write a comment), you can send a message in order to ask sth. or to organise sth. You can also to see photos of a lot of places of earth in travelling accounts and you can read a lot of news in news sites’accounts .

But there are some disadvantages and some dangers. One of them is that there are some fake accounts that they can hacked your account. For this reason  in the using of social media.

My opinion is the social media have some disadvantages but they are good and useful.

Akis Paschalis – Sampanikos

Living as a Londoner

The best way to experience London as a local is to stay in a quaint terrace in Blackheath.
Staying there you can enjoy your life as a villager surrounded by a vibrant community but is also
easy to get in the thriving metropolis.In the end you can never be lost because you will always 
find yourself
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My favourite hobby

My hobby is playing video games on my PS4. This hobby is a little hard to do because there are players who are not very good but there are so many good players. The name of the game is Fall Guys and if you learn how to play it you will be a good player. This game is funny, trolling,raging and exciting to play



|•Eresos glamping•|


This place whirl somebody around with the beautiful view of the blue and amazing sea. It’s really  easy to get there because of the conventional  road.

The travellers will stay at small wooden houses near the sea. Also there is a river that you can visit. The best part of our glamping is to getting off the beaten  track!

If you want more information please  search  up ᴅᴜsᴛᴇʟɪ.ᴄᴏᴍ !

•price 100$ the room•


☆Dukas, ☆Stefani, ☆Evelina



The white tower


The White Tower is an ancient monument. The White Tower was created in 13th century. It is a tall building. A lot of tourists when they go to the Thessaloniki they go to The White Tower too. Now The White Tower is a museum. The height of the tower is 40 m. Τhe shape of the tower is cylindrical. The white tower is unique because it was very ancient. It is the most beautiful sight in Thessaloniki !!!

What Lesvos means to me

Even though Mytilene wasn’t the place I was born, it means so much to me. Here was my first time I went to school and made friends. Here was the first time I hang out only with my friends without parents. Here was the first I went to  a club and stay out till midnight. Mytilene was the place that I made my first memories that I still remember. Although, the most important place in Lesvos for me is my village, Vatera. I used to go there since I was 2. There I made the best memories of my whole life. Me and friends, when we were little, we took our bikes and explore the whole village together everyday. I always had an amazing time there and I think that explains why it’s my favourite place in Lesvos.

The summary of my flim

One day they are two cats  one  is black and the other is white.

The black cat has a blue

lightsaber the white cat has a green lightsaber and they disagree on what is best for them, so they fight. 
Who will win nobody knows!!!

                              the litsaber
                             coming soon