My Video Game



A game for everyone!


  • Each player gets a different color mask.
  • The youngest player begins first.
  • Roll the dice.
  • Whoever gets all of his soap first wins!
  • You might have to go round and round many times to get them all!
  • GOOD LUCK!!!



There are hundrends of game in the world but mine is the best of all. The main character is Lucy the cow .There are lots of characters in the game but you can choose whatever you want . So let’s begin shall we ? Lucy was playplaying with her friends Samy, Lumy and Tammy but suddenly a UFO landed and took them. It was her enemy Oliver. If Lucy doesn’t complete allshe will die but if she passes, she can get her friends back.

Mission: My video game

My favourite video game is “Football UCL”. It is a sports game. The main character is Lionel Messi, who gives advices to the players what to do.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Firstly, you choose your coach and then, the players of the team. You have your own team, not one of the others. The first game is after the player finishes all the basic trials. Then, he can join the Champions League magic. Firstly, he chooses in which group he wants to be and then, he plays in that one. If he’s in the first two places, he will be in the round of 16. If he’s third, he will be in the round of 32 in the UEL. And if he’s in the last two places, the journey to the trophy is over. If you win the trophy, you can get to your team the best 11 players.
You can play it individually or as a member of a team.

My video game

My favourite video game name΄s is Harry Potter. This is problem-solving video game. The main characters are Olivia Ketty and her friends. In the game you must solve tasks , you play with friends and you have got fight with other gamers. You can΄t play the game with other people.

My video game !!🥇🥈🥉🎮🎮⚔

The name of my   video game is ” the little devil ” . The gme is so cool and stressful . You can play with one or more players . One player wants to kill the other player . Who  will die ? This is the question . The VIP character is the ” Hard Devil ” . All characters are devils but the costums are different . My favourite character is ” Cool Devil ” . This character wear a red dress , black shoes and has black lipstick . I love this charecter ! There are 50 charecters ! To win the game you need to keep your characters alive . There are many different levels that you can play . It isn’t an easy game but you have fun !!!

EVI 💌👱‍♀️

“My video game”

My favourite video game is called “Plants and zombies”… The main characters are the plants that are protecting the house from zombies.. It is a strategy and action game because you have to win the zombies.Every time you win you get new character plants to play. There are levels and you can also play with your friends

My video game

my video game is one video game in the space in the space he has got spce cars this space car has got weppons lazer light sword and magig pistols this cars plaing badles and if you kill the ennemis car you win and level up

My video game

My video game is a game about fights. My video game is called << The Gladiators >>. This game hasn’t got a main character it has 20 characters they are all male. All the characters have their own armor and helmet and their own skills. Menace is the worlds best gladiator his skills are powerful hit, the archero hit and the defend. This game is for 1 player but in online is with 6 other players that you fight with. This game is for PS4, XBOX, PC and NINTENDO. If you win 10 battles you will fight with Barbarus the biggest and strongest gladiator.

My favourite video game🎮🎮

My favourite video game is TOKA WORLD .This game is download form play store .In the game there is a world and you make three characters .This game on Friday givinga present for your animal or for your house or for your characters.You can shop with money and other worlds and with new world giving and new characters .This is my favourite video game.Update and you!!!!

My favourite video game

Hello, my favourite video game is MINECRAFT Earth. In MINECRAFT Earth you can play galacticraft, survival craft , creative craft  and multicraft. My favourite mod in MINECRAFT Earth is galacticraft. In galacticraft you travel in space, moon, Mars, Jupiter, big and small planets and big and small galaxies. In survival craft you must survive from zombies, skeletons, spiders and other monsters.In classic Minecraft Earth you must build worlds, cities and houses. It’s a beautiful video game!!!Bye bye.

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