Mission:VNG 2020

Kedu around the world!!!

Kedu around the world is a board game in which we have lost our Panta!! We have to find it and we go all over the world looking for it. Be careful, do not fall into a trap. Only 2 players can play the game. 

The rules are:

If you roll the dice and go to number 4, you take the boat so, you take your pawn and go 2 steps forward.

If you go to number 7, Pharaoh is very angry so, you have to go 2 steps back.

If you go to number 9, you can change pawns with the other player.

If you go to number 11, you have to throw the garbage. You go three steps back.

If you go to number 13, you have to play rock, paper, scissors. The winner eats the strawberry and goes 2 steps forwards.

If you go to number 16, there’s a volcanic eruption. You have to go from start!

The winner is the first player who goes to number 18 and finds the Panta!

Mission: My Dream House


In my dream house, there are a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a warehouse.

There is a planetarium, too.

Outside there are a yard and a back yard.

In the living room, there are a sofa, a chair, a coffee table, a tv, and a carpet.

On the carpet, there are a dog’s bed, a dog bowl, and some toys for my dog.

My dog’s name is Lily and is a cocker.

In the planetarium bedroom, there is a bed and a telescope.

I love my dream house!


My dream house

My dream house is very big. There are two floors. In the first floor, there are a living room, three bedrooms, a big kitchen and a bathroom. In the second floor, there are another living room, a gym, and a small library. There are also a big balcony and bigs windows. Outside there is a pool a garage and a big garden with plants. My dream house is great.

My house

Hi Bob,

my house is big.It is out of the city.Outside there is a garden. Inside there are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. On the second floor there is a big attic. My house is great!

My dream house

My dream house is big with a lot of rooms and floors. It has endless corridors decorated with gold ornaments. On the first floor there are two rooms. The living room, which is a huge place with a fireplace and an aquarium with colorful fish and the kitchen. On the second floor there are the bedrooms and two bathrooms. And on the third floor there is a pool and a gym, a room with glass walls so that whoever exercises can enjoy the magnificent view. My house has a yard with lawn and colorful flowers as well as a swimming pool. Ιn the entrance of the yard there is a staircase  that leads to a small beach under the house. Ιn the yard there are also two dogs. This is the house that I dream every day and I hope I will have it one day!!

My dream house

My dream house is a farmhouse. There are two floors. On the first floor, there is a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Also, there is a big garden with trees, flowers and a swimming pool. I love my dream house.

My house

In my house, there are two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and one kitchen. In my bedroom, there is a bed in front of the window, a desk next to the bookcase, and a cupboard next to the door. In the parent’s bedroom, there is a bed behind the window, a cupboard next to the bed and a  bedside cabinet next to the bed. In my living room, there is a big sofa behind the table coffee, a window next to the sofa and three chairs behind the table coffee. In my bathroom, there is a bath next to the door, a toilet next to the bath and a window in front of the bath. In my kitchen, there is a fridge under the wines, a sink behind the wall and a table in front of the chairs.

My house

Hi Theofania, Thanks for your email. My house is great. It is in Mytilini. Outside, there is a garage and two cars, one red and one black. Inside there is one big sofa, a coffee table a very big bookcase and a kitchen. Upstairs there is three bedrooms and a bathroom.

Your friend,



My dream house is a two storey house. Its hasa beautiful colourful garden with flowers and a big pool, the outside colour is white with black windows and potplants. With a big front door too. On the first floor there is a kitchen, a dining room, a small bathroom and a living room with a big fireplace and a big TV 📺.  Also there is a guest room with another bathroom. Upstairs  there are 5 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms and  also a small office. There are balconies all around the house too. I love my dream house and one day I’m gonna move in it !!!

My dream house 😀😀😀

My dream house is huge, with yellow walls and a lot of windows. It has three floors and one floor with a pool to swim in the winter. It has ten rooms. Three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a  living room, an attic and a library with a big collection of books. My dream house has a huge garden with a treehouse. There is also an outdoor gym fully equipped to train every day. I will also have two dogs to complete my dream house. My dream house is the best in the world!!!

My Dream House

My home has got big windows, many floors and big doors. It has got twelve bedrooms three bathrooms four kitchens three living rooms and three diving rooms. It has got four gardens and a hundred and forty trees and two big pools. Also, it has got a lot of dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, sheep and two big garages. I LOVE MY HOUSE SO MUCH !!!

My Dream House

My dream house has got six bedrooms, two kitchens, six bathrooms, two living rooms, two dining rooms and it has got four big pools and four gardens. Also a lot of animals. It is very modern and the house near the sea!

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