LMWM Challenge

A friend reunion!

It was a nice ,sunny day.I Was prepearing to go to the park with my dog,i was waiting some comics in the mail so i checked in the mailbox.At first I was sad because i didnt see my new comics but i saw a letter,I oppened it and saw what it had incide it was something like this<< Hi Kostas long time no see its me Mark from highschool. Sadly I lost your phone number but I remembered your address! If its you reading this i wanted to inform you of our highshool reunion which is held in the local pizzeria where we used to meet at.The reunion is on Sunday but my car is damaged so if you can come and picc me up at 5:30 am.Love Mark.>>

The day finally came it was Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to get Mark from hes house.I was so excited to see him.We talked in the car as we were going to the pizzeria.When we arrived i was extatic to see all my old friends.We all played pinball and pool and ate lots of pizza together.

We had lots of fun and i would do it again 100 times!!!!!!!!!!!!



When I do my lesson I see a mouse so I scared so much and I jump over my chair but the mouse steal my pencil and I didn’t know it but then I realised  that so I take an umprella and go out on the rain for found the mouse.When I found the mouse it is have mine pencil and a burger.So I do scared noises and the mouse go away.After it all I get my pencil but i realised that I am losed and don’t know where.I moved at all the city but I didn’t found my house so I started crying.After 1 hour a friendly person with a bike comes and help me to go back to mine home.After 1 hour again i found my ouse and everythink was good.

An unexpected adventure!

It was a casual Saturday night before the pandemic of covid 19. me and my friends the previous day decided to have a cheat-movie day at my house, so we started planning the day. We planned that my friend Emily would bring the snacks ( chips, biscuits, etc) I would choose the drinks and mark would choose the movie. Actually, he chose a series called futurama which is a crew of people from the future traveling in space.
When Saturday night came mark arrived first at my house he took off his shoes, helped me to organize the space we sat on the sofa and we were waiting for Emily to come. Unfortunately, Emily when she arrived she forgot the snacks so that’s how we had to order fast food. I told my friends while I was going to bring my laptop so we can order online, think about what they would like to eat but we couldn’t decide. Mark wanted pizza and Emily wanted burgers. After a long time, I thought that the best idea was to order both of them. Later the food came and we already had prepared the film so it was finally time to start.
After a while, in the middle of the movie the lights went out and Emily started to screaming because she is afraid of the dark. Then Mark opened his phone flashlight and he asked me if I have flashlights or candles. We went to the kitchen and we brought some flashlights because I didn’t have any candles and we set them around us so we can see. While we didn’t have electricity we were so bored and we thought that the night was ruined, but then Emily had a great idea of playing cards or board games. We chose to play cards with the flashlights of our phones because playing board games would be really difficult. Time passed quickly and enjoyable but still, the electricity was out and the battery of our phones started to get low. Luckily when the battery of my phone was about to die the lights came back! We all felt relieved, glad, pleased, and happy and we continued our night happily. What an unexpected adventure!

A bad new

An email came to my account. It was from my brother. Kevin was in Los Angeles. I was in Brazil. I was in a home with Selena, a friend from University. I was to Brazil to study economics. It was the exam period. I had to study hard.

When I saw that the email came to my account,  I  quickly closed the broom to read the email. My brother was sick. My parents can’t go to Kevin from Greece so he asked me to help him to get well soon. I got in the car with a small bag in my hands. In the bag was my clothes. I went to Mexico. Before I enter the center a strange sound was heard from the car engine. I was worried because my brother was waiting for me. Suddenly, the car stopped. It was in a position that I could not continue with the car. I waited to the bus station. The bus for Los Angeles arrived. After some hours, I went to my brother’s house. A week later, Kevin got well. We went to the park and ate ice cream for a goodbye.

I went back to Brazil but when I returned to my house,Selena was sleeping. I went to my room. I saw that tomorrow I had an exam that would determine my course. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the exam and returned with a broken heart to Greece.

A strange story!!

It was a sunny day, my brother and I had a lot of homework to do, but we were bored because it was Saturday and we wanted to rest. So our parents told us that if after we finish our exercises, they would take us to the zoo. We were so happy.

So we sat in our office chair and started writing our exercises. After a while, we’re done and we started getting ready. I took the comb and fixed my hair and my sister’s. When we were all ready, we took the car and left.

On the street, we saw an ice cream shop and stopped to get one for everyone. The only problem was that the ice cream cones we bought were huge, so we didn’t eat them until we got to the zoo, and we ate them inside. While at the zoo, we saw a lot of beautiful animals, but the most beautiful animal was the monkey. We liked her so much that my sister wanted to feed her. So we asked the owner to give us a banana. The monkey ate it very fast. Suddenly a bird ran into my brother and then my monkey took my ice cream. That was when I laughed.

Then it was time to go. We got home and everything was back to normal. We’ll always remember that experience. 


A day at the Pnahellenic Taekwondo competition

     A very important day for me was the Taekwondo Panhellenic competition and even more important, after the meet, we went to celebrate when that night, something unexpected happened.

     That day we had gone to Athens for the Taekwondo Panhellenic Games. It had three rounds in which you had to win two of the three to make it to the finals. Then after winning both rounds, I made it to the final . At that moment I was very nervous and my stress levels were high by my teammates and my coach especially when the moment came when the match was over and I had won more points and won the cup.

At night we all went and ate in a restaurant to celebrate. When we arrived and sat at the table, the waiter came and told us to order, and also told us what was on the menu. We chose what to eat, but while waiting we heard a voice through the kitchen door saying, “mouse” and then, straight away, the staff ran to see what happened.  

    To tell you the truth, we didn’t stick around to see what happened. The whole restaurant stood up and ran out of the door. It was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I am actually thinking about becoming a vegetarian now!






Making somebody so happy by just finding his notebook?

Last Saturday, my uncle drew up a wonderful idea: to go fishing with his boat at a lake in a forest near our house with me. I was so surprised, because I always wanted to go fishing, that I immediately accepted his invitation. So, we got stuff needed for fishing and we started our trip.

On our way, I wanted to go to toilet so we had to return home. When I went to the toilet, we started again our trip. I was very happy and surprised because it was my first time to go fishing. I was feeling so wonderful that I wanted to arrive to the lake as fast as possible. After some time, we finally arrived at the lake. My uncle’s boat was next to the lake but for some reason it was a little bit broken, so we had to fix it. Fortunately, my uncle had some tools in the car that we could use…

When we finally fixed it, we put it in the lake, we got in it and we prepared the fishing line and the bait. As my uncle was preparing, I was looking around in the boat. Suddenly, I saw a little box covered by fishing lines. I decided to open it because of my curiosity. In it I found a notebook with the title: “Fred’s (this is my uncle’s name) notebook”. I was so confused that I told my uncle about it. His eyes shone brightly all of a sudden and he told me: “Thank you Panagiotis. This was my childhood’s notebook and I had lost it. I was looking for it everywhere but I couldn’t find it. I’m so glad that you found it”…

I was so glad that I found my uncle’s notebook because I made him very happy. This day, I also learnt that something which can be insignificant for me, it can be extremely important for somebody else!!!

A trip to London

Hi! I’m Maritina when the lockdown ends, I will go to London for Christmas. I will visit Big Ben and I will take many photos. I will go horse riding at Hyde Park Stables because I like horse riding. Also, I will take a ride in a capsule on the London Eye. Next, I will go down the  River Thames in a speedboat. Finally, I will visit the Natural history Museum because  I want to see how was Earth in the past. I haven’t been to London before and I want to visit it. I love London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMWM Challenge: A story about one of my days

One day I went on a walk with a friend. Both of us like to listen to music and sometimes to sing the lyrics. We were heading to High street, to meet with some other friends.


Then as we were walking, we were listening to a song by Plo G, and it was the part that I knew the lyrics and I started singing. As soon as I started saying the lyrics I saw the one and only Polo G. He was looking at me weirdly, and when my line ended, my friend and I went towards him to take a picture. Then he said to me “you sing very nice kid! So, you like my music, right?” and I said, “yes” to him.


After our conversion, he recommended I went with him to his studio. He wanted me there to record and see how my voice is on the mic, for a remix or a song. When he said that, my heart started beating fast with excitement and because I was anxious and I asked my friend to pinch me to see if this was actually real. After that he told me to say a couple of lines for a  remix and some more for a song to see if my voice fits nicely to the whole song.


If you’re expecting this story to end with… “then I woke up”, you’re going to be disappointed because it actually happened. This is the part when I left the studio and I headed to my home with my friend, and before leaving Plo informed me that he will call me when he decides if I’m right for the job. So if you hear of a famous singer Stratos K, it’s me!

LMWM Challenge: An Unexpected Visitor!!!

Last Saturday I saw a terrible nightmare as I was sleeping and when I woke up I was very frightened because I didn’t want my day to carry on badly. Although, I put on my favourite clothes, I brushed my teeth and then I went to my bedroom again and I opened my window “to say good morning to the new day which was dawning”. After that I wanted to go downstairs to drink some milk and then study. So, as I was going downstairs I slipped and fell down. I had injured my leg very bad and it was hurting a lot. My parents came quickly to help me go and sit to the sofa. After some time I was feeling better and I also could walk a little bit. But I was feeling very bad because my presentiment had started to come true. After drinking my glass of milk, I went upstairs to study because I had a lot of homework. So, when I got in my bedroom I wanted to close the door because it was very cold. But unfortunately I hurt my hand. Luckily, I wasn’t injured badly but I wasn’t happy because my presentiment had come true for one more time! Fortunately, I didn’t hurt something again by the end of the day. But in the afternoon our house’s bell ringed. We weren’t waiting for someone so we were very shocked. There was an unexpected visitor: my grandma who had gone to Athens to see my aunt. She hadn’t told us that she was coming back for Christmas so early. We were all very surprised and happy too. I was personally very happy because fortunately I realized that this presentiment I had was only an illusion!!!


Far away from my home

She was in her room, in front of her computer, talking to a boy who had met on the internet. She had been spending hours with him playing online games instead of going out with her family, while her classmates were making new costumes for Halloween. The girl was called Tonya and she was a teenager, that is why she was obsessed about staying all day in her room. She was thinking that she was a grown-up doing things that only an adult will do, like her older sister.

This was happening for a long time until Halloween came and with it her mother’s disagreement. << You should go outside this night to celebrate Halloween>> said her mother loudly. << I don’t want to do silly things that only a child would do>> said Tonya wildly. Then her mother just left and she was unhappy and disappointed. Τhe silence spread again in the empty, purple room leaving Tonya alone. So she opened again her white laptop sending a message to her friend. Βut she did not have time to press the enter button because suddenly a dazzling flash lit up her room.  Tonya was upset, as he thought this was a naughty prank. Then she quickly got out of bed grabbing her cell phone and her hat and she run outside.

The weather was really cloudy and cold, but Tonia was not affected by the winter weather because she was running with nerves between other dressed children. Her target was a small group that was dressed up like aliens. Α long chase followed which tired the heroine. << AH, I CATCH YOU>> finally yelled. Then, she dropped down one of the members of the alien’s group as she was trying to pull off his mask. << WAIT, wait, you hurt me I NOT A HUMAN!!!>>. Eventually, Tonya left him after his explanation.

-We did not want to scare you with the light, but our spaceship had a problem. Fortunately, we landed in the forest.

-Why have you come here?

-We wanted to know why the earthlings are always so amusing.

After a pause, Tonya finally answered << this feeling is called happiness and I will help you discover it>>.

After a big search, nothing impressed the aliens. They walked on the top of the hill visiting the scariest house in the town. They have a lot of fun knocking on the door frighteningly and running away before it opens. After that, they tasted the most delicious sweet in the world but nothing could explain to the world what happiness means. << Sorry guys, I can not answer your problem, I thought everything… At least we are new friends, right?>>. Suddenly the aliens exchanged anxious looks full of wonder. 

-What does friends mean?

-Well friend is a person who is really familiar to you. You are all day together having fun doing silly things. And after all the best feeling is when the day finishes and you go to bed thinking of all the memories you have created. This also makes you happy. 

-This means happiness? 

– I think that yes.

-So, today was our best day! All you already said we have done them and tell you the truth, I feel more joyful and cheerful. Thank you for showing us what means friendship, happiness and how we can achieve them. Now we have to tell you goodbye because the morning has come and we do not want to create panic.

They hugged and turn on their giant machine. Fortunately, it did not make noise, and they left quietly in the orange morning sky, leaving again Tonya alone. Wait she was not for a long while alone, her mother was shouting her name. << Mommy, I love you I realized that family is everything and I miss you really much. Can we play board games in the living room?>>. Her mother had many questions about where she was all night, what she did, but they were all forgotten after her words. They returned home together and after this incident, Tonya did not lock herself in her room again and every night she looks at the starry sky.

LMWM Challenge: An unexpected visit

It was a usual day when I dressed up and I have my breakfast. Then I took my personal bag and I opened the door to leave for my work. But when I opened the door. What I saw ?? A little woman that was holding a suitcase and waited me to go out for saw her. I asked her  …“Who are you ???”, “ What are you doing here ??” and “What do you want from me ??”. She didn’t talk. Then he asked me to get in and I said “Of course”. After I arranged her and I bring her something to drink. She started to answer in my questions. She told me that she was me from the future and that she got into a time machine to come to the past and reverse something bad that would happen and it will accompany me the rest of my life. Then I asked her What it will be happen, but she couldn’t tell me. With a clap, she disappear and I was found in my bed. I wondered It was s dream? Indeed? Or maybe the dream tried to warn me for something that will be happen today. I didn’t know but I tried to be careful. I didn’t expect this visit neither in my dreams. It was an unexpected visit !!!