Once upon a time…

Miss Maria Netflix

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that her parents asked her… “What would you like to do as an extra activity for your free time?” and she answered “I want to learn how to use computers!” and so she did! Many years passed and she hasn’t regretted her decision ever since.
Although using a computer is nowadays the most common thing, back then she felt special cause she was the only child in her classroom who owned a computer!
There are a lot of things that you can do with this knowledge! My most favourite thing though is when I discovered that there are so many films and series for free out there and the only thing you have to do is click a button!
Recently, I discovered NETFLIX as well! There is no other thing that I would like to do in my free time than watch all these artists expressing themselves and take in the way they see the world through their films! I am a “series addict” as well! I can spend a whole weekend at home watching my favourite series! I like crafting too but I’d choose a good film or series any day of the week!

by Miss Maria

Creativity is passion

Having some time to yourself these days is extremely precious. I try to find and cherish moments like these. Listening to music and Power Walking are among the things I enjoy doing to relax and recharge my batteries. But the most inspiring of all is being creative! I love using my imagination to make and accomplish whatever I set out to do.
Decoupage triggered me off to try out my skills. Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by glueing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects and other decorative elements. I attended a course to learn the techniques and details and was overwhelmed by how many things you can do to bring to life everyday objects in such a unique way. Decoupage is an expensive hobby but the pride and joy of creating your own masterpiece are priceless!!
Miss Vicki Loupos

Enjoy languages and translations..

Christine G.

Hello everyone! Although I don’t have much free time lately I try to spend it doing things that relax me. I love teaching but in my free time what I really enjoy doing is reading English books and translate them in greek. Translation keeps my mind busy and I always learn something new! It’s really exciting the way a language works and how difficult it is to think of the appropriate word so that you can convey the same message. Besides translation, I love spending time with my family, my friends and my dog, Melina. When I get the chance I take her out for a long walk which helps me clear my mind and relax. It’s really nice walking in the fresh air on a sunny day in winter!
Miss Christine G.

Bees might sting you, but they love me..

Marios Simos Bee keeping hobby

Although I do not have much free time nowadays I try to use it in the best way. Among other things I like to do is to tend to my bees. Besides teaching I am a beekeeper and I have around 80 hives.
Many people are scared of bees because they might sting, but I like them very much. They are marvellous creatures, a real wonder of nature. I consider them very useful and graceful.
Their main task in nature is to pollinate plants and by this, they do as a great favour. Not just humans but also all the other creatures. Except for pollinating plants, they produce honey and some more products that are very beneficial for one’s health. Especially honey with its very nice golden – brownish colour and the exceptional taste is one of the top-level agricultural products. Especially in the spring and the summer, a beekeeper has a lot of work. He has to check on his bees and take care of them. He has to know a lot of things and seek always new
knowledge and information.
It is a creative and fulfilling activity and I have done it since I was very young, learning it from my father. It reminds me of a lot of teaching. It is a challenge, you learn every day new things and you become creative. I am grateful that I can be part of the life of one of the most wonderful insects.

Ride like a champion

I don’t really have much free time, but I do tend to find time to exercise. My goal is to exercise at least three times a week. I used to exercise more when I rode my bike, however, nowadays I tend to ride less and work out at the gym more.
I believe that exercise should be part of everybody’s lives because it helps you to relax your mind and push your body. When you have a relaxed mind and a fit body you can do more things in your day.

My magic moments

Hi, I’m Miss Vicky!
In my free time, I like listening to my special CD’s that really relaxes me. At the same time while listening to them I enjoy making candles in various shapes and sizes by choosing colours and pouring special perfumes into different sized bowls and cups. My whole house changes atmosphere and so does my psychology too.
To tell you the truth I’m really working on my newest right candle now!!!
Bye for now!



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