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The Andventures of Marco Polo

Hi my name is Hrmes and the tittle of this book is <<The Andventures of Marco Polo>>.This book is written by Jeronimo Stilton.The heroes of this book are Marko Polo, Nikolo and Mateo.This book is about a big travel from Venetia to China.I give this book 5 stars.I recommeend this book because it is interesting.


I love my family. Our family consists of 5 members my dad, my mum, my sister, my dog and me. We like spending time with each other.



An email to a friend

Hello, my friend,

I’m Vivian and 12 years old. I’m from Greece. I’m good at volleyball and basketball. I like board games and sleeping. I like spending time with my family at the weekends and I love my sister. Sheis a cute baby girl.


See you soon,


My favourite supehero is Water Woman

I love you, water Woman. She is not just intelligent, but pretty. Leare war and a beautiful. She wears a bodysuit. The full body she is wearing red blue and star. I don’t her name. She’s my favourite superheroine. I have to say this because she is a superheroine.                                                                                                       I LOVE YOU MY SUPERHEROINE!