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Hi Sam. I have a place that is special and important to me in my mind

My special place is the Norwegian Towns that inspired the movie Frozen! Most kids have seen the movie Frozen; what they do not know is that the snowy landscapes we see in the movie are inspired by real parts of Norway!

Bergen was the main inspiration behind the magical kingdom of Arendelle in Frozen.

Although the majority of the kingdom of Arendelle was inspired by Bergen, there are a couple of structures throughout the kingdom that is reminiscent of locations in other parts of Norway. For example, the castle where Elsa and Anna grew up is inspired by the Akershus Fortress in Oslo.
Part of what makes Arendelle so gorgeous is that it is located at the base of a fjord. However, it is not just any fjord. The fjord that frames Arendelle was, in fact, inspired by Nærøyfjord.
It is important to me because my music teacher has translated the voice of Elsa and introduced me to some of the foreign actors in the movie who gave me a ticket to travel whenever I want to these parts of Norway.
I hope I helped you with what I told you about. Good luck with your project.

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