Bees might sting you, but they love me..

Although I do not have much free time nowadays I try to use it in the best way. Among other things I like to do is to tend to my bees. Besides teaching I am a beekeeper and I have around 80 hives.
Many people are scared of bees because they might sting, but I like them very much. They are marvellous creatures, a real wonder of nature. I consider them very useful and graceful.
Their main task in nature is to pollinate plants and by this, they do as a great favour. Not just humans but also all the other creatures. Except for pollinating plants, they produce honey and some more products that are very beneficial for one’s health. Especially honey with its very nice golden – brownish colour and the exceptional taste is one of the top-level agricultural products. Especially in the spring and the summer, a beekeeper has a lot of work. He has to check on his bees and take care of them. He has to know a lot of things and seek always new
knowledge and information.
It is a creative and fulfilling activity and I have done it since I was very young, learning it from my father. It reminds me of a lot of teaching. It is a challenge, you learn every day new things and you become creative. I am grateful that I can be part of the life of one of the most wonderful insects.

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  • Really challenging activity!!!!! You must love tthem a lot!!!

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