Be taught at school or… at home?

These days, many parents prefer teaching their children at home rather than sending them at school. But this sometimes causes problems in the child’s everyday life. Actually this parent’s method is a good or a bad idea?

Firstly, if the parents don’t send their children at school, the children can’t communicate or socialize. This means that they can only communicate with their parents instead of being at school with their friends and their teachers. Secondly, if the children stay inside and they just communicate with their parents, they can’t make new friends. This means that they lose the chance to socialize with other children of their age.

Thirdly, if the children are staying inside and they have their parents as a teacher, the relationship between the children and the parents is destroyed. For example, in this case, the children think that their parents are very severe and standoffish. Additionally, when the children are studying with their parents, they think that it’s a joke and they ridicule the lesson because of the familiarity with their parents. This means that the children don’t pay close attention to the lessons.

Finally, we should mention that the children have to go to school and socialize with other children!

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