My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Suzanne Millarca and Michael Viard.

What is this book about?
This is one more cubr book with the title “baby animals”
It’s a book of the series the “cubes” because of their shape.The cube books are very popular around the whole world and they are puplished in many countries. In Greece “cube books” are puplished by “Greek leters”
Actualy the cube books are photo albums. The creators of this book are Suzanne Millarca and Michel Viard.They have done a very good job collecting photos of any baby animal in nature.
So we can learn a lot of about different animals and the invaroment they live in. We also can see the way ,some of them get changed as they grow up.

My Favourite part
The photos are realy good, enjoyable and sometimes very funny and cute. There is always some information accompany the photos.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
It’s an interesting book and i recomend it even as a gift, you can offer to a friend of yours.

The end!

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