Athens the city of ancient gods

     Athens is a city where have lived all the ancient gods.They lived on the Olimpos and that is near to Athens.The population of Athens is about 664.000.

       In Athens you can find Parthenon which is an attraction and that was build by ancient Greecs.Athens is city that is full of historical buildings,art galleries and museums.

    This city is beatiful.It’s has malls,shops and squars.Athens has many ports too.You can also visit the park Rizar which is very queiet.There is also Monastiraki.You must visit it.Because it has got a lot of smalls shops where you can buy fancy souvenirs.You can visit Pasalimani too.It’s a port with many coffee shops where you can enjoy your coffee or drink.

Athens is a beatiful city and it has something for everyone.

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