Are you being scared by security cameras or do you feel a protection?

Most places are being filmed by security cameras with target the protection of the places. In other words, cameras protect the public by crimes and vandalism. Undoubtedly, both texts supporting this idea of a network of cameras.
According to the first text, it expresses the view that cameras have a positive affection on the people because of their satisfaction feeling. Most people feel safe to be captured on film in these public places because the percents of be a crime is reducing day today. Likewise, the second text presents the same viewpoint. It discusses the criminal activity which is being filmed. In other words, if a crime has been caught on film is easier to be solved. Despite the first text, the second one does not agree that cameras had put for emotional reasons for feeling safe but rather to have clues in a case of vandalism.
Both texts are powerful and authentic and as I far as I am aware, I agree with the protection of the camera. For instance, if my neighborhood had observation network cameras, I would feel safer going outside at night. As a result, cameras are useful for two reasons. Firstly this surveillance system provides a feeling of security and reduces criminal activity. Also, it helps policemen and lawyers for solving a crime.
To conclude, this project for protection is really useful in public places like airports, malls, and banks and makes the world a better place for living away for vandalism and crimes.

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