Animal Legends The Rabits and The Crocodile

The Author of this book is Carol Watson

There was once a time when crocodile lived on a land, not in the water.One(1)old crocodile lived near a river and lazed in the sun all day.

One day, a baby rabithopped past,looking for some tasty leaves.

“Hello!”  he called and woke up the crocodile. The crocodile was furios.[Go away!][I’m trying to sllep!]

As the crocodile shut his eyes again, the rabbit hopped closer. He had spotted a bunch of fresh green leaves, just by the crocodile’s nose [Mmm… These are yummy!]With lound crunching, he began to gobble them up. The crocodile’s eyes snapped open.

“Get away from those leqaves!” he roared. And he snapped at the rabbit with his enormous jaws.[GO AWAY!]

The little rabbit ran and ran. He didn’t stop until he reached his burrow.

“The crocodile nearly ate me!” he told his mother”But I didn’t do anything wrong.” [I was only eating some leaves!][There,there. You’re safe now!]

His mother was very angry.”It’s time that crocodile was taught a lesson,” she said firmly. “He’s grumpy and lazy and it just won’t do.” [Is everyone here?]

Gathering the other rabbits together, she told them she had a plan.

The next day, the rabbit went into the woods. They collected branches, twigs and leaves and stuffed them into a sack. [Will… this… do?][Almost full!]

“That’s enough!” said the rabbit’s mother and of they went to find the crocodile.

They didn’t have to look far. He was by the riverbank, asleep as usual. The rabbits crept closer. [Zzzzzzzzzzzz…]

Sneaking up, they made a big circle of twings, leaves and branches around the crocodile.

Then the mother rabbit set light to the circle. The fire crackled and spat and smoke billowed up.

The crocodile woke with a jump. When he saw the fire, he bellowed in fear. [Help! Fire!]

The fire was licking at his scales. Taking a flying leap, he jumped right over the flames… [Funniest thing I’ve ever seen!][Ho ho ho!]

… and disappeared into the river with a splash.

When the crocodile hheard the rabbits laughing, he was very annoyed. He shouted at them from the river. [Don’t ever come near the river again!] [Ha ha!]

” Keep off our land then!” cried the rabbits and that’s how it’s stayed ever since.

New Words I learnt are:

My favourite part of the book is:
My fouvorite part is when the rabbits set fire arount the crocodile
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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