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Who wrote this book
George Orwell.

What is this book about?
The title of this book is “Animal farm” by the very known British author George Orwell. Actualy it’s a novel with allegorical character first published in 1945 after the end of the war. One day a group of farm animals rebels against their human farmer. The reason of their revolution is that they want to create a society, where all the animals would be equal, free and happy. The rebellion is betrayed. Then a pig called Napoleon becomws a dictator and the contition in the farm becomes worse than it was before. The story of the book is a reflection of the politic events that took part in the Russin Revolution and the dictatorship of Atalin after the rebellion.

My Favourite part
Orwell was deeply a democratic socialist and after the end of the Second World War he felt annoyed, by the fact that united kingdom was supporting Stalin as the leader of Russia. So in this book he decided to combinate art and politics. When i read this book i had no idea of the political meaning. It was just a story, as a fairy tale talking about freedom, equality, hapiness cooparation and then dictatorship and misery.

How many stars?
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Do you recommend this book?
Even so, i enjoyed reading it and i recommend it. It’s a very well known book.

The end!

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