An unfortunate couple

I am about to tell you a story, a spooky scary story. It all started in 1737, there was a couple from London that was returning home from a trip to Lingfield. It was a spooky night and the couple was exhausted, they needed a place to turn in.

While they were riding their horse carriage, they saw a weird shadow standing still underneath a tree. The man approached the shadow and asked it if there was a hotel to spend the night. The shadow did not say anything and vanished.

The couple continued trying to find a place to turn in. Suddenly they heard a branch falling off a tree. They saw the shadow standing on the broken branch. The couple was freaked out. The man asked the shadow bravely what did it wanted from the couple, then the shadow vanished again. The couple was terrified. The woman started crying from her fear and told her husband to sleep in the carriage. Her husband agreed and they tried to sleep.

In the night the woman woke up and realised that her husband was missing! She got out of the carriage and saw her husband dead in the ground, she screamed out of fear and started crying. Then the shadow showed up. It smiled naughtily and revealed its self, It was a vampire and it had blood all over his face. The woman knew she was gone and gave her last breath by stabbing herself.

The next morning some people found the unfortunate couple and were frightened, but also curious about what happened. They never knew. But I know.

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