An Unforgettable Experence

On the 20th August tow years ago I went with my family to Evia to spend our summer holidays,at my grandparent’s cottage.

We did a lot of nice things together , like we went for a swim to uknown beaches and went on many excursions . I learnt to surf and we went shopping.

But what i will not forget is when we went on an excusion from Evia to the beautiful island Skiathos with my dad’s jet ski. My parents and I rode on the jet ski andafter a perfect day of swimming in crystal blue water we ate seafood and relaxed on the sun beds until it was time to leave. Everything was fine until we realised that it was getting dark and mum checked the Google maps and mentioned  that we should rush back to Evia.

At some point I turned to look behind as we were speeding back and what I saw made me the happiest person in the world. A school of dolphins were following us!.when we arrived on land we waved goodbye to the dolphins and they swam back in the deep sea.

It was the BEST moment in my life!!!


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