An unforgettable accident

Tim and Zack were happy that the weekend had finally arrived. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and the two friends decided to go climbing on the biggest mountain of America. They put on their best T-shirts and their shorts and started their journey. They were driving along a strange road which had big stones. Suddenly the weather changed. At first it was windy, then it started to rain and finally, it started to snow.
Some trees fell across the road and Tim and Zack couldn’t drive anymore. The two frightened friends got out of their car and tried to move the tree but it was impossible. Later both of them were exhausted. But they carried on.
After some hours Tim heard a very loud noise. He turned back and he saw a big van which was approaching. It turned the corner at great speed. The van’s driver had no time to stop so the van crashed into their car. Tim and Zack were very shocked. Zack called for help on Tim’s smartphone.
Finally, the emergency services arrived. Tim and Zack were very happy because the rescuers saved them and after a few minutes they were back home. Even though there was a lot of damage, they felt very relieved that no one got hurt that day.

Panagiotis V.

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