We were staring at the board when we heard a noise.Our teacher told us to be quiet because she knew herself that this noise was not normal.

Suddenly,we heard gun shots all over the area.All my classmates had fricked out and one of them had passed out for a moment.After some time,we heard some terrible news…Our headteacher was the first victim!Our teacher told us to not panic and stay in our classrooms in a hesitant way because she didn’t want to have any  irresponsible consequences.The following days,kids were decreasing over and over.It was too depressing,and one day,i found out why…Yesterday,i was in the school hallway to search for some of my books and one of  the cleaners showed up and pushed me  into the wall and tried to threat me.I was screaming as loud as i could and then,my teacher with the insecurity in her mind but with brave  action quickly,punched the cleaner and saved me.

At the end,we called the police and when they  arrived,they took the cleaner to the police office.I felt really safe and proud to have my teacher by my side to this whole experience.

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