An unexpected adventure!

It was a casual Saturday night before the pandemic of covid 19. me and my friends the previous day decided to have a cheat-movie day at my house, so we started planning the day. We planned that my friend Emily would bring the snacks ( chips, biscuits, etc) I would choose the drinks and mark would choose the movie. Actually, he chose a series called futurama which is a crew of people from the future traveling in space.
When Saturday night came mark arrived first at my house he took off his shoes, helped me to organize the space we sat on the sofa and we were waiting for Emily to come. Unfortunately, Emily when she arrived she forgot the snacks so that’s how we had to order fast food. I told my friends while I was going to bring my laptop so we can order online, think about what they would like to eat but we couldn’t decide. Mark wanted pizza and Emily wanted burgers. After a long time, I thought that the best idea was to order both of them. Later the food came and we already had prepared the film so it was finally time to start.
After a while, in the middle of the movie the lights went out and Emily started to screaming because she is afraid of the dark. Then Mark opened his phone flashlight and he asked me if I have flashlights or candles. We went to the kitchen and we brought some flashlights because I didn’t have any candles and we set them around us so we can see. While we didn’t have electricity we were so bored and we thought that the night was ruined, but then Emily had a great idea of playing cards or board games. We chose to play cards with the flashlights of our phones because playing board games would be really difficult. Time passed quickly and enjoyable but still, the electricity was out and the battery of our phones started to get low. Luckily when the battery of my phone was about to die the lights came back! We all felt relieved, glad, pleased, and happy and we continued our night happily. What an unexpected adventure!

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