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It was late night and I was feeling kind of low on energy because I can’t always afford to buy any food to keep my self up, so in that case, I started losing my mind, which leaded me to the thought of mugging somebody by threatening him with a knife so I could get someone’s money.

In some wierd way I meet Julio, a very nice guy who for some weird reason offered me his coat after mugging him. I turn around and im like “Why are you doing this?” He decided to offer me his coat to keep my self warm, since by me wanting his money, that i would also need something to keep me warm in the night. I explain to him that I needed the money to go and buy food and in a coincidence, he was even planning on visiting a restaurant, in which case he also offered me to join him.

Seeing him getting welcomed by dozens of people, made me think of the how does literally everyone know him and most importantly, why was he actually talking to a dish washer? After asking him what about that, he answered in a brilliant way which blew my mind and made me change y a lot, he said “Haaven’t you been taught how to be a good person before?” That definitely threw me off the track leaving my mind blown knowing how stupid my decision was and how it worth giving me more attention rather than calling the cops  on me which he most likely should’ve done.
That moment affected me on being a better person as well as changing my thoughts of the way people can treat you by showing them your wholesome side.

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