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Sir/Madam editor,

I notice every day the problems, which the people create in the environment and many problems can create by negligence in our homes. Well, after  thinking possible solutions for a better life in the future and i am writing in a responce from you and i hope this responce healthy. But, i will be happy, if you say <<yes>> and spread these messages and these tips for a better life.

I will start with recycle. There isn’t a reason to throw in the trash the things, when we are able to use this natural materials.For example, children in schools use many paper in a school year, maybe three notebooks in a subject. This is a reason, which we are losing day by day more oxygen, when we can rectify it.

In my opinion, the parents cause this irresponsibility on their kids, because they find easy to create the plastic and they use it one only time. This would mean, more work in factories, more atmosphere pollution. But we can change this. We can use for our food  boxes for many uses.

What more there are? Why we buying fruits and vegetables from the supermarket? Why we should taking the car and going more than one time in week at the supermarket? Why there are the gardens? Well, the gardens can help us plant fruits and vegetables without preservatives.

There are many questions, which the people can answer, with our help. Please spread this out!!!

Thank you for your read,

Eva Kenteri

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