An adventure with my family

A gentle wind was blowing trough the campsite as my brother and I put up our tent.We soon went to sleep after a long and tiring drive up the mountains.At 3am we heard footsleps approaching the back of our tent. We both jumped up in fear.I quickly grabbed what I saw in front of me, my mobile phone and a knife to protect us. We both waited and listened to the heavy steps of the beast which was getting closer and closer. It walked slowly around the tent and it seemed that it was waiting for the right moment to attack. We couldn’t even hear ourselves breathing since we were both in shock. After a few minutes and half a century of my life, there in front of the zipper, the beast begins to be heard again. Just looking at its shadow was enough to make us tremble. Fortunately it slowly walked away. As soon as it was a few meters away I crept out of the tent and threw rocks to chase the enemy away. There was a full moon that night and beast was wandering in the dark. My brother and I didn’t sleep all night in case it came back again. The next day we packed our things and drove back home and never told anyone about what we saw that night.

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