Aggression of the people is on the increase


Nowadays, researchers have shown that not -aggressive people being violent to others in every activity they do in their life. Plenty of people trying to find the reasons why this is happening or who should be accused of it. My opinion is that there are answers to those two questions but it is not easy to be found by humans.

Firstly, stress from work or school increases the level of aggression to people. For example, because of homework, children are more stressed and violent at home to their families. This means that school and teachers should be blamed for this and teachers must understand that kids have and other things to do during the day.

Secondly, family issues affect children’s behaviour and make them more aggressive. For instance, if parents have an argument in front of their kids, they will do the same. As a result, children learn how to acting from their family environment and being aggressive so parents must not fight in front of their kids because they learn to them to be violent.

In conclusion, the reasons why people are aggressive are the stress from the job or school and the family problem. Also, teachers and parents should blame for this reaction kids have in their lives. Personally, I believe that people must not think about who or why they acting like that but what they can do to stop or reduce this behaviour.

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