Advertising a college

Dear Mr Harper, you asked about some ideas to raise your college profile in order to attract more students (especially with internet advertisement). I can suggest you the following proposals.

At first you must make an advertisement for your college. You may apply to an advertiser or making it yourself. The advertisement can be put on internet in some educational and news sites and on social media like Facebook and Instagram and on YouTube (It would be good if you made a YouTube channel for your college) and maybe on some newspaper, yet. These sites and platforms are visited by a lot of people, so a lot of people will see the advertisement of the college, so that they will learn a lot of information about it and maybe they will enroll at it. Also, the advertisement must have all the basic information about the college such as the campus address, some images of it, the courses that are taught there and Career prospects for them and its links on social media and YouTube. In addition, the college can organize some scientific conferences with the graduates presenting some of their projects and it can make and upload on internet some videos with its teachers, professors and student speaking about it.

I hope that I helped you with submitting my information about the advertisement

Akis Paschalis- Sampanikos

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