Adults and their free time


Doctors say that people over the age of 18 don’t have much time to spend on their favourite hobbies or personal preferences . But how and why does that happen?

Firstly when a person finishes school he needs to find a job so he can live his life without depending on someone else. That causes people to spend most of their day working or studying so they can find a job they prefer at the age of around 18-25. After that, a person will probably have something like a job so he can live on his own, till he gets retired. Even though some of the jobs nowadays are very easy to don’t require most of a persons day to complete and most of them are around 8 hours of work a day. That means that a person won’t have much time to spend on his hobbies, especially if he has to do some other important things except for his actual job. Apart from that some people that do not have a job good enough for them to pay for all the things they need, may work in 2 different jobs at the same time.

Other than that as life moves on they have to go and do things like paying the bills or do other stuff like that that will cost them a little bit of time. Nowadays it may become easier as from waiting 2 hours to do that on the actual place you can do it online in 10-20 minutes but not everyone is into that stuff and not everyone knows how to do it. Something else that may cause people to not be able to spend their time doing what they want is the fact that a person can easily get exhausted so instead of wasting all the remaining energy on hobbies they may have to relax and sleep so they can gain energy for the next day. But if a person gets retired he will have way more time to do what they want to do but may not be able to. For example, if their favourite hobby is playing a sports game then as they get older they won’t have the abilities they had when they were younger so they might not try it.

In my opinion, what psychologists say is right and I believe that some people may not be able to fix it, others may be able to and some could fix it by the start.

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