Academic Learning or World knowledge?

Nowdays, the majority of people is wondering which educative way is better: academic learning or the school of life? Personally, I strongly believe that learning by academical teachers would offer more opportunities and respect in everyday life than just world knowledge.

Firstly, highter education create a complex way of thinking helping the person in his career. People, with that learning have crytical thought and they are deeper learners, meaning that the opportunity of work is offered to them. If there were two people competing for a job, the one with more certificates would get the job.  This means that people with higher education would easily find a job due to their learning and their certificates.

Moreover, the feeling of respect is bloumimg for the academical people. Society, have shown that people having world knowledge and becomimg street wise, are in a lower social class than the people of higher education.  These academic people ar emore respected and accepted by others. Also, they have a better future with a fundamental salary.

In coclude, if someone want a confortable and respected life, then he should have a deeper learning. The value of learning  has to be understandable for being useful and create opportunities.


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