A weird situation.


What happened to me last night was really weird. I robbed a teenager called Julio, I mugged him with a knife and he gave me his wallet, offers me his coat and invited me out for dinner. That doesn’t make any sense. Even I mugged him, he was trying to help me actually. He understands that I have financial problems and he gives me his coat telling me, “if you are going to rob people all night, you have to keep yourself warm”. He was the only person who has treated me like this.  Other people usually call the police but he didn’t.

The lesson that I take from Julio is that you have to treat people, the way you want them to treat you and that I am going to do that from now on. I shouldn’t risk my freedom. It is better to try to find a job and stand on my foot without doing bad things to others.

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  • You have to stop mugging people like that, Maria!! Love your perspective in this story!!

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