We were staring at the board when heard a noise.MrMike says: Guys stay here .Someone classmate says: I will check it.Then was someone who wants something.Unfortunetely one of the classmates makes noise. The burgarl found us and he took us . The first thing he did, was to stick a metal circle in wall. He orened it and pulled us to the portal.

When we go to the portal , we where at a a truck but not a ussually truck , it had a very special , future , equipment . Were guns they were a freezer , a gravity gun , a time stopper  and a transort gun , there were  and more equipment , were a metal suit four metal arms , metal gloves and small robot which can make sabotaz to the enemie . Sunddenly someone opened the truck.

He was the burgarl . He took us to his home and he told us the reason who was at the class . He was hunting by enemies . We apologized him and he asked us if we want to took part to the fight . We took one thing . I took the freezer my classmates took the orther guns and MrMike took the suit . The man took the gloves .

When we went to the fight area we saw a giant robot and the fight beggan . The clasmate who has the time stopper gun stopped the robot and I with th freezer I froze his left leg and he felt. When the robot got up he threw two giant rocks and the classmate with the transport gun turn the two giant rocks in two books . When the robot tried to threw another one rock the classmate with the no gravity gun pull it up but the gun it couldn’t and it felt to the ground . We all felt down . MrMike fired two rockets to the giant robot and the robot destroyed  but not all the parts . The left hand was working and hit this man who took . The last thing he did , was to opened the portal , robot explotion we go to the portal . And I wake up .

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