A total mess

Sarah could not believe the mess that greeted her as she entered the kitchen. This mess was a big hassle for Sarah as she had to go to her best friend’s surprise birthday party.

The kitchen was full of broken plates and glasses and Sarah was freaking out. She started thinking what caused all this while trying to clean up. All the broken stuff was her surprise to her friend. She wondered if someone did all this. She remembered that her younger brother, Steve, was home. Maybe he had broken the stuff in the kitchen and the birthday preparations.

She went to ask him but he wasn’t in his room. He was at his Spanish lesson. So he couldn’t have been in the kitchen. When she went back to the kitchen to continue cleaning she saw an open window. She thought if the window was open , maybe the air blew everything down.

After some mysterious thoughts her brother came back home from the lesson. He saw her in the kitchen worried and he asked her what had happened. She told him that when she entered the kitchen she saw a total mess. He took some time to tell her the truth. While he was leaving the house foe the lesson a cat entered from the open window and broke all the things.

When she heard that she was furious but then she hugged her brother and felt releived for knowing the truth. She couldn’t be angry because she has a brother who is honest and that is what matters. All the other things on the floor were not worth worrying about.

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