A summer holiday

  Hi readers!Thank you for comments in my last blog entry.I really enjoyed about a surprise for me.Today I’ve got some fantastic news to you.

  When I got home from school,I found out that my parents with our suitcase and with a big car.We will go to Spain for two weeks.We will leaving at 2nd August and I can’t wait!!!

   During our holiday,we will stay on a luxxurious hotel with pool and a big garden.We will going for visit museums and see art galleries.We will go to the beaches too.I love swimming it the beaches.

    I fell happy and I can’t stopbeing so happy!What are you doing in this summer holiday?I would love for my friends to come with me.

    Please leave a comment below.Bye for now!!!

                                                                                                                              ARHONTIA DOUKARELLI

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