A strange story!!

It was a sunny day, my brother and I had a lot of homework to do, but we were bored because it was Saturday and we wanted to rest. So our parents told us that if after we finish our exercises, they would take us to the zoo. We were so happy.

So we sat in our office chair and started writing our exercises. After a while, we’re done and we started getting ready. I took the comb and fixed my hair and my sister’s. When we were all ready, we took the car and left.

On the street, we saw an ice cream shop and stopped to get one for everyone. The only problem was that the ice cream cones we bought were huge, so we didn’t eat them until we got to the zoo, and we ate them inside. While at the zoo, we saw a lot of beautiful animals, but the most beautiful animal was the monkey. We liked her so much that my sister wanted to feed her. So we asked the owner to give us a banana. The monkey ate it very fast. Suddenly a bird ran into my brother and then my monkey took my ice cream. That was when I laughed.

Then it was time to go. We got home and everything was back to normal. We’ll always remember that experience. 


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