A strange experience

I dropped my suitcase on the floor of my hotel room sighed with relief. Out, the sun was sunning and the weather was wonderful for going with my friend a walk in the city but the travel was so tired so we decided to take a nap.

Suddenly I felt a shake and then I saw the light bulb move back and forth. I shouted to my friend “let’s go quickly under the table”, a small desk in the room. When the earthquake was over we went down from the emergency exit to the reception of the hotel and there they called us to evacuate the building. Unfortunately a few minutes ago the inform us that the building was unsuitable to stay because there was a rift on the second floor. So I and my friend did not know where to stay after this incident since we had left our suitcases and money in the room.

Luckily another hotel gave us rooms for free for one night and so the next day they gave us our suitcases and we took the plane back. It was a so strange experience that I will remember forever.

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