a story from the future

Once upon a time, there were a girl and a boy, there are were friends. The girl’s name was Lisa and the boy’s name was Sam.                                                                                     One day Lisa found a mechanic to go to the future. When Sam saw it they went to the future. When Sam and Lisa went to the future they saw so many environmental problems. Ice caps were melted, the climate was changed and there was so much pollution. They found a person and ask him

Lisa<How do this word change?>

Person <Don’t worry I have a mechanic who does the word change.>

When the person did Sam and Lisa were admire this landscape. Then the plants were upright in the earth. After that, they keep the sea creatures, they were feed bread them.

Sam <I admire this landscape>

Person<Ok first we mustn’t do illegal hunting. Second, we mustn’t do illegal pet trade. Third. we mustn’t spend much pollution. Fourth we mustn’t cut so many trees and Fith we mustn’t let rubbish.

Sam and Lisa- OK we didn’t do this.

Lisa- Now it must go home buy miss.


And the two friends returned home.

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  • I think that the words are environmental problems, pollution, ice-caps

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