A story for a new English magazine


Tom got off the train and as the train left he realised he was holding the wrong suitcase. When Tom took the train for a long journey to the edge of his country, he had prepared the things he needed and boarded but when he got on the train he realized that the suitcase he was holding was not his and it was someone else’s train but it had started and Tom couldn’t stop, but he thought to look for it, but he realized that besides his own wagon, there are others that weren’t in them. other people, so he could never find his suitcase, of course, he couldn’t stay without it since inside he had all his stuff. when the train arrived and everyone went outside he tried to see who was holding his suitcase, fortunately, his cell phone was not lost since he had it in his pocket. as he was moving on he was frustrated, but suddenly his cell phone began to vibrate. This surprised him when he picked up and heard a man talking to him and telling him that he had his suitcase and that he found his phone number because it was written on the back of the suitcase. so these two met exchanged suitcases and continued their happy and careful journey.

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