We were staring at the board when we heard a noise. It was our principal knocking on the door, he told us that we were going on a school trip for 3 days. We went to a forest and stayed in a cabin. It was kind of scary it had spider webs everywhere, and it was dirty too. Around 8:00 we lit up a fire and ate some marshmallows. One of our teachers told us a scary story about a monster who lived in the area. He was like a bear. He always left footsteps inside the cabins just to scare the visitors. All of my classmates got scared only one of them Mike didn’t pay that much attention. The next day we had breakfast but Mike wasn’t where we thought he was sleeping. We went to wake him up but he wasn’t there. One of our teachers called his parents. They told us that Mike saw something scary in the woods when he went to take pictures of the scenery and returned home. He left his camera in the cabin. We found the camera and saw all of the pictures he took. Behind a tree, there was a bear. Maybe it was the monster we will never know because we never got back there!

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