A meeting… gone wrong

Yesterday there was a meeting about climate change where some of the most important people of our board took part in. The prevailing opinion was that we need to change our ways of living or the repercussions will affect us and the generations to come. In the meeting, there were some people with a different mindset which disputed that our community isn’t detrimental to the environment and that we do not have an impact on climate change. There was also another group of people who were dormant and oblivious to the subject so they weren’t immersed in the conversation.  But everything degenerated when the two opinionated groups clashed and caused a brawling conflict which made the agitation levels go even higher and ended up with a colleague passing out. This event shocked everyone so they had to end the meeting. The only good thing about this meeting was that the three groups were in conjunction with each other and were able to bring around the poor colleague.

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