A man and the tropic forest

Once upon a time was a man.Was alone.If  he cut woods he saw a cave,He doesn’t know what  was this`,but wasn’t alone.He went inside.He scared  because he saw spiders and bats.Suddenly he saw  a treasure map and a door.He open the doorHe saw a chestHe open it and was a another small chest.He open itWas  a croosrod and a diamond.Now   he went  found the treasure.He went to his house.He took a shovel and went found the treasure.He walk a lot of  hours in the forest.

-Was here.

He shoveled the grass.

-It’s this.

He open it ,was a trap!But for his anger he shoveled a anoher place.He saw a chest.Was beatiful.A lot of diamond,emerald,iron,gold and the most expensive in the world MEdiamond.He was rich and create a big house with a waterpool




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