A lucky escape.

Tim and Zach were happy that the weekend had finally arrived. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and Tim and Zach had decided to go climbing in the mountains. They were so happy and excited! They were driving along the road when suddenly the weather changed. It was so windy when all of a sudden a tree fell across the road. Tim and Zach couldn’t drive around it, so they decided to get out of the car and try to move the tree. As they were trying to move the tree they heard a car quickly approaching. The car turned the corner at great speed. There was no time to stop so the car crashed into their car. Tim and Zach were shocked! They quickly called for help from Tim’s smartphone. When the emergency service arrived Tim and Zach were saved from the car crash! Even though there was a lot of damage, they felt relieved that no one got hurt that day!

Christine K.

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