A letter to my bestie

Hi Sophia

Im texting you to tell you about my summer holidays. This year we will not go holidays because of covid 19, may the next year. But I have a lot of things to do here in Lesvos. Today we are going to go to my village (Euriakh) and there I am going to play with my friends and in the night we are going to go to the reustaurant with my parents and my friends. One more reason that I want to go to my village is because I am going to see my grandparents. Everyday we go to the beach Haramida with our classmates Teo, Thanos and Apollonas we have a lot of fun there we play tennis, volleyball and general we do a lot of things.

Hope you have a lot of fun in Thesallonikh. I miss you a lot and I cant wait to see you again.

Text me whenever you want

Kisses Victoria :)))

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